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Microsoft Press Conference Bulls**t Bingo!

While discussing the upcoming Microsoft Conference, here at CDT we all started to feel a little cynical. We threw around some predictions for how the whole thing would go, and the prospect of the event started to fill us with existential dread.

Watch the whole thing here.

But then we realised we could make a game out of all the dreadful PR and marketing bullshit. We proudly bring you, CalmDownTom’s Microsoft Press Conference Bulls**t Bingo! Play along with us, and make the pain bearable.

Xbox Press Conference Bullshit Bingo

And the results!

Xbox One

Well done to David Carr for making this!

ps That conference was shit.



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  1. Profile photo of Tom
    Tom says
    05/21/2013, 7:41 PM

    God, that was really terrible.

  2. Profile photo of Tom
    Tom says
    05/21/2013, 5:53 PM

    Got my card all ready. Lets do this!

  3. Profile photo of Michael Chrichton
    05/21/2013, 3:28 PM

    Haven’t watched the video yet. But for me these console wars are just silly. I only care about the games and want them to play them on the devices that are available to me. Provided they don’t go ruining the gaming by all those f…measures like always online sh….

  4. John says
    05/21/2013, 3:16 PM

    I’m a fan of Sony. I have to say, that was just a plain, dumb comment. Grow up. Competition between companies is a good thing. It helps them not stagnate. Holy crap. Man, that was a dumb comment.

  5. SONY says
    05/21/2013, 2:53 PM

    Good read, we need more stories like this to minimize Microsoft or Xbox trending, so people shall make up their minds and switch to Sony, the King of entertainment. We need more faithful sheeps to join our awesomeness. Your faith and money belongs to Sony. Sony loves attention so much too. Japanese power!

    More negative news for MS please! Thank You.


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