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Glitch Free Gaming Episode 27: Xbox One Live Reveal

Glitch Free Gaming Episode 27: Xbox One Live Reveal

This week we recorded the podcast live Via twitch. We talked about the Xbox One event and what we liked and what we DID NOT LIKE. We also pulled in comments from chat.
After this was done we looked at some of this weeks other news, including Metro Last Light and Ni No Kuni

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  1. Profile photo of Kieran
    Kieran says
    05/23/2013, 10:04 PM

    Wii doesn’t matter? It outsold both the PS3 and 360 the entire generation and expanded the audience for gaming in a way that came back and in fact helped the Xbox 360 increase its sales with the Kinect.

    I’d guess “Wii doesn’t matter” is your way of saying “I didn’t like many of the Wii’s games so who cares.”

    As for Xbox vs PS3, I was basing what I said on the IDC report in January saying that the PS3 had overtaken the Xbox 360 in sales during the holiday, I didn’t realise that the report was incorrect and that PS3 was still behind by around 2-3 million units. So I’ll admit my mistake on that one, although 2-3 million units behind when the other console had a year head start and both are in the 70 million range is next to nothing. A giant step down in market share from PS2 though.

  2. Bob says
    05/23/2013, 12:10 PM

    Wii doesn’t matter. xbox outsold PS3

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