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Top 8 DLC Characters we want in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Top 8 DLC Characters we want in Injustice: Gods Among Us

If you cast your mind back a little while you may remember Tom wrote a list on who he would like to see in Injustice as playable characters. Fortunately for him, when the final roster was announced he damn near had every character he wanted on the list. Now Netherrealm have announced a season pass (much like the one used in Mortal Kombat) will be available from day one and will include four new characters and some additional costumes for many of the current in game characters. Although one of these places has already been taken by Lobo (meaning there are only three spots left to fill), we can still hope for somebody off the upcoming list to make an appearance.


screenshot0000Dr Manhattan – Although he is not technically a DC universe character (as he is kept in his own self contained comic), the good doctor is most certainly one to admire in terms of powers. He can clone himself, teleport and create something literally out of nothing just by thinking about it. He is even omnipresent and can see through time. There are endless possibilities to the moves he could have, but he might lack a lot in the way of normals as we never see him fight.

swamp-thingSwamp Thing – I have always been interested in the real live Eco Warrior, especially since he gained the powers to control the elements. He could play a poke heavy game with his outstretched vegetating limbs and his ability to materialize anywhere so long as there is organic material. There could be a lot of interesting mechanics based around him, some which are already present in other characters. He could even use his regenerative ability as a special move. Oh and he looks pretty damn scary.

picture-of-hugo-weaving-in-v-for-vendetta-large-picture“V” V for Vendetta – Another character that doesn’t quite fit in the the DC Universe. Although the swashbuckling masked avenger doesn’t have much in the way of powers, he does make up for it in swordplay and some terrific explosive set pieces in the way of supers. He would definitely give Deathstroke a run for his money.




Animal Man – This character can draw on the abilities from any animal to have ever existed (kind of like the Jackie Chan TV series but with less talismans and more animals). Plus with Lobo now confirmed as a DLC character it would be nice to see a slightly less popular character make an appearance.



Robin – I already feel that the game is very heavily populated by Batman characters. Then again, it feels odd to have both Batman and Nightwing with no sign of Robin. I don’t even care what Robin it is. It could be Damian, Tim or even Stephanie. I just want to see the middle ground between Batman and Nightwing represented as a playable character. Or you could give me all three as alternate outfits!


character_bio_576_deadmanDead Man – This character is probably the least likely of the characters on this list to make an appearance in Injustice despite having a pivotal role in one of the most recent cross overs before the New 52 reboot of DC. His powers are mostly based in that of manipulation and being completely intangible unless he had his White Lantern Ring, which made him corporeal again.



Atrocitus2Atrocitus (Red Lanterns) – Out of the whole Green Lantern universe I would imagine the Red Lanterns and Atrocitus would be the most versed in fighting and aggression. They are born of hate and are fueled by revenge. If that’s not the key to being a lethal no holds fighter I don’t know what is. As a being consumed by hate Atrocitus would make a devastating power character and could have a really in-your-face playstyle to match his demeanor.


2385284-darkseid_02Darkseid – The man who killed Batman (well technically he sent him backwards through time but I think that is the closest anyone has came to killing Batman for good). And he has laser beams for eyes. Being a member of the New Gods (and one of the most deadly at that), Darkseid would bolster the number of Superman villains in Injustice. It is even said that he is almost invulnerable and could only be challenged by the likes of Orion, Doomsday and Superman. Well I would still like to see Bane try and rip him apart.

I know there has only been four guaranteed places for DLC for Injustice so far and as I have already mentioned one of these has already been promised to Lobo. I would kill to see anyone from the list make the cut, and if more than one just so happened to pick up a place on the roster I would be elated. Although I would love to hear who you think should be included, so why not leave a comment or tweet me your suggestions! Esler CalmDownTom

Top 8 DLC Characters we want in Injustice: Gods Among Us, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings