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Top 5 Franchises I Want On Vita

Top 5 Franchises I Want On Vita

Kevin O’Donnell tells us about the five games HE wants to see on Vita.

Last week, here on CalmDownTom, we published an article outlining the ‘Top 5 Franchises The Vita Needs To Survive.’ It was a look at games with mass appeal, and reliable sales figures, which would give the PlayStation Vita a much-needed boot into the spotlight. However, these were not all games that I’d love to see on the console. For that reason, I present to you the games that I WANT to play on my PS Vita.

Uncharted Vita5. More Uncharted
Uncharted, for my money, has the ability to provide the perfect balance of console quality, yet hand held friendly, experiences on the PS Vita. It was proven with Golden Abyss, the franchise’s premiere installment on Sony’s latest hand held. There were huge action set pieces, a well told story, competent shooter gameplay and fun exploration like we’ve come to expect from the series. Yet, it was so easy to jump in and out of, stop when you needed to and come right back where you were without feeling lost. On top of that, the Uncharted series is one of the most fun gaming experiences to arise this generation. It was the next-gen Tomb Raider game that Legend and Underworld did not provide for us (although the reboot has since erased the memory of their sins). Simply put, Uncharted is an amazing series of games and I’ll take a new installment in any form that is offered. Vita included.

Crash Bandicoot4. Crash Bandicoot
If there is one game that my brain instantly associates with PlayStation, it’s Crash Bandicoot. Crash games defined my time/childhood with the original PlayStation and the love affair continued onto the PS2. And if Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has proven anything, it’s that 3D platformers are still fun and they work on the Vita. I know that Naughty Dog is busy with The Last Of Us and, probably, more Uncharted, but please Sony, give me more Crash Bandicoot. And I do not mean that talking, tattooed imposter that Radical tried to give us a few years back.


Mirrors Edge3. Mirrors Edge
It’s hard to believe that Mirror’s Edge is over 5 years old but, still, it is one of the most original and enjoyable games of the current console generation. I need more. Mirror’s Edge deserves a sequel and a PS Vita version makes complete sense. You could add in some light motion and touch controls to further enhance the engaging nature of the gameplay and the vibrant colours of the universe would look beautiful on the Vita’s OLED screen. Give me it! Give me it, now!



GTA Vita2. Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto is the only franchise to appear on both lists and deservedly so. For the past two generations of consoles, the series has been consistently successful both commercially and critically. The franchise is proven to work on handhelds, with 2005’s Liberty City Stories and 2006’s Vice City Stories both providing incredibly fun experiences on the PSP, and a Vita iteration would be more than welcome. Grand Theft Auto is a series which appeals to a variety of different gamers. Some enjoy it for the sandboxes it offers players the opportunity to go crazy in while others, simply, love the driving and shooting. I, personally, play Grand Theft Auto for the stories that it tells and the outrageous characters it creates. Whatever your reason for loving the franchise, wouldn’t you love to take it with you anywhere you go? I would.

Mass Effect Vita1. Mass Effect
This one is a long shot (a really long shot) but I want to be able to play Mass Effect on my PS Vita. Whether it is a port of the original trilogy or a brand new chapter in the story, I want Mass Effect on my Vita right now. I want to enter that expansive and inspired universe once again. I want to feel in charge of my own character and his/her destiny again. I want to have a Krogan sidekick again! Long and deep experiences, like Mass Effect, have their place on a hand held console. They may not be perfect for playing on a short bus journey but for long plane rides and taking on holiday they are perfect. I want a meaningful, deep and engaging gaming experience to take me on a journey as I go on a journey and Mass Effect would be my preferred choice. PS – Urdnot Wrex is the man.

And that, if my fingers don’t deceive me, is 5! The top 5 games that I want on my PlayStation Vita to be precise. What games would you love to see come to the Vita?

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  1. 04/26/2013, 7:51 PM

    If Mass Effect and GTA were on vita I would by one asap.

  2. AmaltheaElanor says
    04/26/2013, 5:10 PM

    Great list! If there were more Uncharted, Mirror’s Edge, and Mass Effect, I would most definitely buy a Vita.

  3. 04/26/2013, 3:30 PM

    Great topic!! I would love all those franchises on the vita. One that I think would do very well on the vita would be Fallout. Having a game with a world that big to play on the go? It would be amazing!!

    Keep up the great work!

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