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Plasma Sky Review (iOS)

Plasma Sky is a 2D vertical space shooter for Android and iOS. It is a very retro arcade shooter that wouldn’t look out-of-place if it was released in the 1980’s. The gameplay, graphics and music all have their roots in the golden area of arcade gaming, with nods to Galaxian, Asteroids, and Space Invaders.

The player pilots a spaceship fighting against waves of enemies. These waves can last between ten seconds to two minutes. There is a good mixture of different gameplay styles in the waves. Most waves require the player to eliminate all the enemies on the screen. Waves switch between playing like Galaxian to bullet hell shooters. Others just require the player to dodge incoming asteroids and enemy fire. There are also boss battles mixed in with the waves. Bosses include fighting space snakes and giant mother ships that fill up the screen. This mixture of different game play styles keeps the game from going stale, and keeps the player on their toes.
Your spaceship can be upgraded by leveling up and acquiring power ups. Leveling up increases the damage that your weapons can dish out. The player levels up their ship by collecting parts from destroyed enemies. Collecting power ups gives temporary upgrades. These include new weapons like smart bombs, lasers, and spread shots, which dole out more damage. Other upgrades include shields and wing men, which makes another ship help the player out during the battle.

The game has two game modes conquest and hardcore. In conquest the player has to fight through 80 levels and defeat a final boss. Even though you only get one life in conquest, the player can restart the current level they were on if they die, but their score is reset to zero. Conquest mode will take 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Hardcore mode keeps sending waves against the player until they die. Unlike conquest mode the player can’t restart back at the last wave and has to restart from the beginning. To make Hardcore mode even more chalenging, the player’s health bar is removed and any hit against the player will result in death. Both of these game modes have online scoreboards.
What makes or breaks games like Plasma Sky are their controls, and Plasma Sky controls work really well. Your ship fires automatically so all they need to do is steer it. To do this the player simply slides their finger in the direction they want the ship to move. It’s very accurate, making dodging bullets easy. There is a tilt control option but that doesn’t work at all, with the ship moving in random directions regardless of how you tilt it.

Spike Pit Games has made a really good 2D vertical space shooter. The neon vector graphics and music fit the retro style perfectly. Plasma Sky, especially its hardcore mode, is perfect for pick up and play gaming. It’s the ideal game to play when on the bus, or when you have just a few minutes to spare. If you are in to these types of games then it is a no brainer. Pick Plasma Sky up.

7 bullets dodged out of 10