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Should I be excited about… Wetware

hacker roomWetware is the debut title developed by Scottish games studio, Reality Council. I took the opportunity to visit the studio and take a look at the game so far.

Based in a dystopian-cyberpunk future; Wetware is a unique strategy game with a hacking twist. You must strategically attack networks, steal information, crash nodes all the while protecting your own assets from enemy corporations. Counter the competition by amassing a variety of elite hackers, generating funds and establishing an empire of superior networks. Only by doing this will you be able to survive in the domain of corporate espionage.

strategylayerAs you begin the game you are greeted with a minimalist, retro-neon art style that I think is very effective in conveying the futuristic theme. Displayed in the top left is an incredibly simplistic and easy to use HUD menu that is used to manage your messages, personnel, gathered files, research, network and finances.

Upon starting the first mission you are cleverly tricked into completing a very well-disguised tutorial. It is impressive how the tutorial flows as part of the games main mission without causing the player table-flipping aggravation, unlike so many others before it. Once you have been shown the cyber-ropes, you can use the world map to find hackable locations and within them complete missions using different hackers and a variety of tools.


The hackable locations play out like a strategic mini game. You select which hackers you wish to take with you and take control them. You must bypass various traps and travel through different rooms to acquire data that you can use in the growth of your network empire.  All of the rooms are easy to navigate and although some of the traps can be rather unforgiving and do take a while to master, I felt that the game had a great sense of challenge and achievement. Upon mission completion you can recruit new hackers and make choices that will affect the direction of game using the three choice conversational system.

One of Reality Councils aims from the start was to develop Wetware in such a way, that it was easily accessible for modders to create their own content. They feel that a great niche community will swarm to the game and create some more truly excellent content. Although the game is not yet fully complete, there are a few features yet to be added in, such as further NPC interaction, multiple endings, plus more. I am excited to get a hold of the final product when it is released and if you enjoy strategy games, you should be too!

Wetware will be released in summer 2013 on Windows, OSX and Linux and you can expect to see it on Steam Greenlight in the future… or was it the past? Either way, be sure that it gets your vote, it will definitely be getting mine!


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