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Devils Attorney (iOS)

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Devils AttorneyDevil’s attorney is a game about the ambitious lawyer Max McMann, who is one of these charming and sly advocates who defend low life criminals. He is charismatic, he is funny and he wants to be the best. You help him gain his success by out-talking the prosecutor and any witnesses, by intimidating them or tampering with the evidence. He’s no Phoenix Wright; Max is much more focused on getting the result he needs by any means. He’s the type of character who will win at all costs.

Throughout the game, you build on three main skills – materialism, vanity and decadence by buying different furniture, suites, accessories and car accessories. Each of these skills give you a different approach to defending the criminals.

From the start the game is a lot of fun. It took me around a day and a bit to complete, but that was solid play. The storyline is involving and well told, and you need to play again multiple times to see the whole story.

Devils AttorneyThe most interesting part for me was the relationship between Max and his love interest Susan Maple. When you take on a case at the beginning there is some hilarious banter between Max and the prosecuting advocate, and whenever that prosecutor was Susan it was at its best. I had a lot of laughs watching them. Max has an excellent sense of humour and he enjoys making fun of his fellow advocates.

A part of the games charms was its retro-chronological setting – the 80s. I think that’s just one of the main features of the game that made the experience of playing it all the more enjoyable. The music is just great and evokes the time well, and the three different locations that you experience are varied and detailed. It kind of reminded me of those 80s lawyer sitcoms and I loved it!

Devils AttorneyThe visuals are stylised and very well done, and well suited to the zany, sleazy nature of the game. There isn’t too much of a graphical requirement as the game is passive and often static. The art is good though, and you do more thinking and selecting different attacks rather than physically moving and walking about.

The music is top too. The song from the intro is catchy and the sound effects are good. I really liked the voice work. The person who voiced Max did a great job of making him likeable. All of the advocates meanwhile had suitable voices too.

At times though I had the feeling that I’d done a case before so there is a level of repetitiveness, but for me the curiosity of finding out what was going to happen next was stronger, and I didn’t give up on the game!

I had a great time playing Devils Attorney, and I really hope that there will be more cases, but even if there isn’t the ending was pretty good!

8 defended lowlifes out of 10