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THAT Sony Press Conference – Live Coverage

PS4 controller leak

1.04am: That’s it over. We still don’t know what the system looks like, the release date, or the price is.

Wait, Geoff Keighley just stated, “[The system is] coming this holiday season.” Well, we have that. That certainly backs up those November rumours. Now we just need to wait until E3 for more information.

1.01am: Destinys PS4 and PS3 versions will release simultaneously, and will have both have the exclusive content.

12.58am: Bungie’s Destiny will be launching on PlayStation 4.

12.57amEric Hirshberg of Activision is here. I guess that means the PlayStation 4 is getting Call of Duty.

12.54am: Blizzard announces Diablo III for the PlayStation 4. Now I can make money sitting on my couch too!

12.51am: Chris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment takes the stage declaring that their partnership will allow Blizzard and Sony to “take over the world.”

12:46am: Time for some more live footage on the PlayStation 4. Watch_Dogs looks as good as we remember. From the wet appearance of the concrete, to the cracks, to the way the protagonist’s jacket blows in the wind, to the reflection of the cars, to even the leaves blowing around–this is one hell of a good looking game.

12:43am: Yves Guillemot is on the stage to discuss Watch_Dogs.

12.41am: On the stage next, Shinji Hashimoto of Square-Enix. He “has just one thing to say”. Preparing for development of a Final Fantasy title on the PlayStation 4.

12:40am: I guess it’s worth noting that I see no discrepencies, from memory, when compared to the original demo on PC.

12.37am: It’s disheartening to admit that Square-Enix’ demo is actually disappointing. We’ve seen this before at E3. Ah, well. It’d have been nice to see something new.

12.35am: Yoshihasa Hashimoto of Square-Enix now takes the stage.

12.33am: It has quite a strong Dark Souls vibe to it. Also, Blanka just messaged Ono for help? Huh?

12.31am: Capcom’s announcing a new IP already. Deep Down. I forgot what we’ve previously seen and assumed this was pre-rendered cutscene graphics. I should have learned by now. It is beautiful.

12.30am: New version of the fantastic MT Framework engine is in the works. Panta Rhei is the current code name.

12.26am: Yoshinori Ono of Capcom is up next.

12:26am: I just watched people controlling 3D sculptured models play musical instruments like puppets in a band with the PlayStation Move. That sure was interesting. Media Molecule, folks.

12.22am: They’re using the PlayStation Move to draw a 3D model. That’s pretty cool.

12.21am: Somebody accidentally put Art Attack! on the screen. What a goof!

12.19am: I don’t think he told us about how many polygons that face had before he left. Alex Evans of Media Molecule takes the stage next.

12.17am: My polygons are bigger than you. We’ve went from 350 polygons to 30’000 polygons on Quantic Dream’s latest PS3 game. We’re now viewing an incredibly high detailed old man who lacks a body.

12.15am: David Cage takes the stage to a theme from Heavy Rain.

12.14am: The Witness is the name. It certainly looks interesting.

12.11am: Puzzle game where each puzzle is unique. It’s open world too (and dense with content). And very stylish.

12.08am: Self-publishing for indie developers. Creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow, is heading on stage to discuss his team’s latest endeavor for the PS4.

12.07am: inFAMOUS: Second Son announced. Superhero with fire powers attacking the police. I’m stoked, considering I really enjoyed the last two games.

12.05am: Superheroes, fighting for freedom. It looks like it’s Sucker Punch that’s on the stage.

12.04am: “We all wanna feel safe, right? But it’s hard to put our finger on what that sense of security is worth. However, it is easy to say what it costs.” New person on the stage discussing how many security cameras are watching us. “Our security comes at a high price…  of freedom.” A lot of comic book style art. InFamous?

12.02am: Trailer footage now. The environments almost look photorealistic. The only immersion breaking thing here is that the car’s interior looks far too clean to be real. I imagine racing game fans would be getting excited right now.

12.00am: A lot of car details. I don’t know cars very well, but I assume this could be summed up as, “It’s very pretty.”

The player moved in first person from the open boot of the car, closing the boot, opening the door, sitting down, putting on their seatbelt, and preparing to drive. The attention to detail is certainly there.

11.57pm: Evolution Studio announcing DriveClub.  “[DriveClub] rewards you for playing in teams.” Team-based racing seems to be on the cards here. A first-person driving game.

11.55pm: Vekta’s beauty lives up to the stories. Consider me impressed. Looks like the Helghast are invading Vekta in the new Killzone: Shadow Fall. It looks exciting.

11.51pm: That knife kill looked live action …, at least on this stream. This is really impressive stuff.

11.50pm:  I don’t know how they did it, but the graphics look like something I’d still be surprised to see on a high end PC. It honestly looks like those fake pre-rendered trailers that are way too good to be gameplay.

11.49pm: No way, that can’t be gameplay, can it? On a console?

11.48pm: Killzone: Shadow Fall announced. Until they say otherwise, I’m going to believe that these graphics are pre-rendered. (A lot of cool effects, like with the reflections on a glass tower, water steam and water falls. Texture quality is high.)

11.46pm: Guerrilla Games takes the stage. That was fast.

11.45pm: Michael Denny takes the stage. “Let’s take an early look at some of their work.” We’re going to look at the games now.

11.41pm: A video with engineers and the like praising the system or discussing potential. It’s nothing particularly too interesting. “The world has changed, and so has the way you interact with it.”

Let’s recap. Eight CPU cores, 8GB GDDR5 Memory. A lot of optional social stuff intended to enhance gaming experience (share and record gameplay). Remote play. The controller doesn’t actually look ugly and is basically the PlayStation Move and DualShock controller combined. And very simple and quick interaction with the system (ie. one touch sleep mode). So far, so good.

11.38pm: Netflix is amongst a number of other applications for users of the PlayStation 4. That’s pretty cool… so long as it doesn’t become the main focus like Microsoft seem to have for their system as of late. (I don’t think we have to worry about that, though.)

11.35pm: Vita remote play. We all knew it’d happen. It’s a good way to compete with the Wii U too. We’re viewing PlayStation 4 title, Knack, on the Vita.

11.34pm: Developers can use the ability to spectate for finding expert players to help refine future titles. Maybe we’ll get more balanced games and more titles players want then?

11:32pm: It looks like they’ve learned from what they did right with the Vita. It seems mandatory for games to be on PSN.

11.30pm: There we go. New guy on stage about PlayStation Network. (Also, apparently I missed out on being able to take over another player’s game to help them–with their permission, of course.)

11.27pm: There goes my connection. Stream is down. Looking for an alternative.

11.26pm: Connectivity between Vita, smartphones, tablets, etc. Allows you to further take advantage of the social stuff, but it all still seems geared towards gaming.

11.25pm: Users can expect a lot more social stuff, but I don’t mean Facebook. Although the profiles have become social pages, users upload gameplay videos and screenshots, and can watch others play.

11.23pm: The UI has been designed to be really responsive. That’s great. “Ease of use” was also mentioned. They seem to be trying to make play seamless. Pushing a button can put the system to sleep, allowing you to resume where you left off at a later date. Another chip is also used specifically for details such as background downloading.

11.21pm: Our first PlayStation 4 title. Knack. Looks cartoony, and reminds me a lot of LEGO.

11.19pm: Live demo using the GPU for Havok physics. Millions of blue balls being processed in real time. Again, that’s pretty good. Seems that this console really does have some power under the hood.

11.18pm: Eight CPU cores. A GPU using the usual GDDR5 Memory.

11.18pm: Showing off Unreal Engine 4 on the PS4 in real time, meaning that this isn’t pre-rendered. It reminds me a lot of the quality of Final Fantasy XIII’s pre-rendered environments. Pretty cool.

11.16pm: The DualShock 4 was revealed. Looks a lot like that leaked prototype, but it looks so much nicer! (Certainly more glossy.)

11.15pm: So they want to use PC architecture. They’re using 8GB of RAM though. That’s pretty great. Usual computer architecture for the rest it seems though (GPU, HDD, x86 Processor).

11.13pm: So, Sony want to make this system very connected. That’s been quite a re-occurring concept in the speeches. “A platform for game creators, by game creators.” It also seems to be pretty awesome for developers too. No more shoddy ports?

11.11pm: Sony are going all out with the nostalgia factor. Mark Cerny just took the stage to the first Crash Bandicoot’s theme.

11.09pm: “A medium authority on play.” The PlayStation 4 was just announced, right off of the bat. That was fast!

11.07pm: It’s just the usual stuff about how great they want to make gaming. I can’t help but notice how smooth the footage is. Sixty frames per second? We need more players this good.

11.05pm: House is discussing the Vita, and how it will enhance the gaming experience in the “living room space”. This will be discussed thoroughly later in the year though. I suspect Remote Play to be related to this.

11.04pm: “With the gamer as the focal point of our efforts”, House says.

11.03pm: Andrew House takes the stage to the nostalgic sound of the original PlayStation booting up. “A bold step forward […] as innovators and industry leaders.”

11.02pm: So they’re showing a montage of PlayStation  games on three screens with loud orchestral music. It makes me wish consoles supported multiple screens.

11pm: Loud music! It seems the stream is finally starting. I’m lacking video though, oh boy. (Edit: Fixed it. Phew.)


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