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Puzzle Retreat Review (iOS)

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Puzzle RetreatFabulex (Noodles) is puzzled by how this iPad game can be so good

The second I started playing Puzzle Retreat I was enchanted (even though it took me a while to figure out how to start playing). It’s immediately addictive.

Puzzle Retreat is a very calm puzzle game where you have to fill the empty holes with ice blocks. As with any other puzzle game, it gets harder along the way, but the sense of fulfilment also increases after you complete each puzzle. It is a great game to play after a long day or if you just have time to kill. I do have to warn you though, once you start playing its quite hard to stop. Whilst playing, your awareness of the world around you will decrease!

Puzzle RetreatThe idea of the game is quite simple, yet original. I’ve never filled empty holes with ice blocks before, but I’m glad to say I have now. It’s a classic logic game but its appeal is broader than just puzzle game fans.

The difficulty is well judged. It’s not too hard to play (don’t get me wrong you can get stuck) but it’s not too hard to learn how to play it – anyone can do it. Its not one of those puzzle games where it takes ages to learn the essentials of how to play.

The games aesthetics are quite simple, no over-complicated graphics or annoyingly bright colours and flashing lights. One of the things I hate the most while playing puzzle games is repetitive music that really annoys you while trying to solve a puzzle. Puzzle Retreat doesn’t have that at all! The sounds you get are quite simple and definitely not annoying. There is no music unless you solve the puzzle; that’s one of my favourite things about the game – hearing the short tune that signals your victory (after a lot of tries…)! The satisfaction you get from filling those empty spaces with ice blocks in the right way is just great, especially after you have had a long day of not-so-successfully-completed tasks, you feel like you have actually accomplished something (or at least this is how I feel when solving puzzles).

Puzzle RetreatThe game has been very well developed, it doesn’t crash or glitch. A lot of the games offered on the app store have little bugs in them making them incomplete, however the team that has made Puzzle Retreat have made sure their game was complete, making the playing experience all the more enjoyable, so thank you guys for this wonderful game!

So go on and give it a try, but make sure you have enough time to play because it really is hard to stop!

9 ice blocks out of 10


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