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Hackycat Review (iOS)

HackycatAt first, Hackycat seems like a nice, fun game with an original idea. It gives you the opportunity to do something that would put you in jail otherwise – kick cats. It does however warn you at the start not to attempt to recreate any of the activities performed in the game.

The game is pretty simple – you have really cute cats dropping at a constant rate from the sky in tiny cat-parachutes and you have to save them from a horrid destiny of exploding once they touch the ground by kicking them into the air. Whilst doing that you collect burgers (which are the currency of the game) and if you are overwhelmed by the number of cats you need to keep away from the ground, you can super-kick them into space (God knows how many cats would be orbiting the world because of me if I actually kicked cats into space).

HackycatThe graphics of the game are quite pleasant. There is a lot of detail to the characters. It is your typical cartoon-type design. I like how the designers have added lots of little touches that make you smile. For example, the happiness you see on the face of the cats when you collect some burgers, or the shock on the cats face when you super kick one of its friends into space.

The music is also fun and suits the content of the game. It is catchy and it gets you into cat-kicking mood, however sometimes it can be too catchy, crossing the line between cute and slightly annoying.

The game itself is fun and full of charm. The burgers you collect allow you to purchase new cats as well as a wolf you can use (instead of the athlete) to do the kicking. I enjoyed how each cat has its own name and how there is wide range of cats you can send orbiting around the earth. There are even bonuses you unlock as you level up (and you even get different ranks) that help you in your unusual work out.

HackycatHowever, ultimately you are playing the same level over and over again. Even though you level up and get bonuses the game is quite repetitive and you can get tired of it. It is one of these games that you play for a long time, but eventually you get bored of it and abandon. When you go back it’s satisfying again, but then you quickly remember how repetitive it can get. For the low price though, it’s good cat-kicking fun.

7 orbiting cats out of 10


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