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Featured Post: PokerStars on my smartphone

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PokerStars, the world’s most frequented online poker website, is without question a leader in innovation within the online poker arena, as evidenced by their foray into mobile.

Looking back a few years, poker apps were comparatively limited, and it’s only in the last 12 months or so that we have started to see wide-scale adoption among the bigger online poker brands. Even now, the experience from one poker app to the next can vary, but it has to be said that PokerStars have gone about their app development extremely well. For instance, one might think that playing on a smaller screen would be a limitation, which is true for some poker apps, but PokerStars have countered this with intelligent auto switch technology and flick navigation. To translate, that allows even the more seasoned poker enthusiasts to play multiple tables simultaneously, without missing a hand!

That said, the app is not just for hardcore ‘poker-heads’ – it is geared toward players of all levels. As on the traditional desktop software, players have the option to play for free, for micro-stakes, all the way through to high-roller stakes.

As on the traditional software, the PokerStars app is chat enabled, allows players to choose quick seating and of course the customer support and tutorials are just as good. In fact, the tutorials on the app have been specially modified for mobile screens, to give a very clear and user-friendly experience.

Available since February 2012 on both Android, iPhones and tablet devices, the app provides access to the most popular poker games of Texas Hold’em,and Omaha, and the range of stakes are as varied as you would find if playing on a desktop device. What’s more, players of the app are pooled within the global PokerStars player network. This is key – it means that there are just as many tournaments and cash games to join as usual. To put that into context, PokerStars has over 49 million registered members!

Playing poker on your mobile has never been this easy or advanced.

So, how do I get the app I here you say? Well, it’s easy, just go to PokerStars and click on the PokerStars Mobile app download link. If not already an existing player, you will also need to visit in order to download the PokerStars software to your desktop device and create an account, before you download the app to your mobile.

Once you’ve made friends with their poker app, you may want to check out PokerStars TV, which includes player interviews and TV shows such as the European Poker Tour. Having said that, you may want to try qualifying first on your new smartphone app