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Scottish Game Jam 2013 Live Blog

CalmDownTom will be at the Scottish Game Jam over this weekend. If you want more details on this brilliant event, check this out. You can watch the live stream here.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

[Day 3: 6.19pm] Apologies regarding the delay at the crucial moment. We had cleared up some space and I eventually decided that my laptop was best packed, intending to continue to publish via mobile (as you can see, that went well). It wasn’t until two o’clock that some of the judging began. Eventually, CalmDownTom’s very own Thomas Welsh made an appearance as the final judge to view everybody’s game. Spirits were high, the atmosphere relaxed, and people casually strolled over to try each other’s games.

The winner of the Glaswegian branch of the Scottish Game Jam was RUB/DUB. I didn’t get the chance to catch the closing events, as I had to depart. Perhaps we can get one of the judges himself to comment on the victors?

Thank you to those who have been following the live blog, thank you to for supporting the Scottish Game Jam. Finally, a big thank you goes out to the kid who enthusiastically dived straight into our game the moment that they arrived at the venue! Good night.

[Day 3: 10.08am] The event is nearing its end. The participants have been informed that now should be the time to begin uploading their newly developed Game Jam titles to ensure that it meets the deadline later in the day. Soon, the judges will be at each team’s desk, ready to critique the project that the team has nurtured for over forty hours. I wonder how the teams will fare.

[Day 2: 10.32pm] Not too much to say right now, as people are either taking a  break from all the hard work, or squeezing in whatever development they can get in left. A lot of tired faces. Possibly only one-fifth of the participants have disappeared–some for food, some for sleep. It has been a long weekend for many.

[Day 2: 8.26pm] The pizza buffet was great. I had to go back for seconds. I ended up getting some with jalapeno and peppe-… what do you mean this is about gaming? Game jam is all about the pizza. The enthusiasm in the room was ecstatic.

[Day 2: 7.29pm] Dinner is almost here. One delivery of pizza, with another delivery due soon. This time I won’t fail as a journali-…

[Day 2: 6.14pm] It’s past closing time in the Saltire Center, and the game developers are left alone. There’s a few frustrated faces now. I guess that means it’s sinking in that the deadline is fast approaching. Or, well, it certainly feels it. One glance outside gives the impression that it is long after nine o’clock. We still have some time left to produce the best drat game we can.

[Day 2: 3.01pm] Tom is interviewing people about their projects now. Perhaps he will have some interesting stories to tell on the live blog later on?

[Day 2: 1.33pm] The atmosphere is really relaxed right now. Is this the calm before the storm? Another group appears to be nearing the end of their development, with their game taking advantage of the Unity game engine. They’re quite tight-lipped about the game though, but it has something to do with resource management. I’m calling it now, it will probably be anatomy-based with some pseudo-tower defence mechanics. You heard it here first folks. (It’s fellow author’s Kieran and Ryan’s team.)

[Day 2: 12.15pm] The board game next to us appears to be finished. Perhaps it may be worthwhile coming to visit to give it a shot. There’s a table set up to try it, and the participant’s desk even invites others to try it! Readers may be interested in paying a visit.

[Day 2: 11.50am] Seems that a popular theme for games here are horror/zombie games. I guess the infestation has spread to the jam.

[Day 2: 7.21am] The easiest team to speak with would be my own, so we’re doing that. The project is a title named “Heart decisions” (name pending). The player takes the role of a demon whose heart is being sought after by angels that seek to purify his soul. The player must protect their heart by shooting the angels down as they approach the heart, all in a similar fashion to Geometry Wars with a defensive twist. The aesthetic is still also pending, but that’s the general gist for now. So far, the game has been built with collision detection, homing enemies, and player movement, as well as a menu system with some neat little bonuses that we won’t go into here (after all, we don’t want to give anybody any ideas, do we?)

[Day 2: 5.13am] We’re down to half of the participants still awake, at the very least. Now that it is after five o’clock, we can discuss some of the team’s projects that they are developing, and check on their progress. What was the theme? The sound of a heartbeat. No, not the words. An audio clip of the heartbeat. I suppose it’s up to the participants to interpret it in their own way.

[Day 2: 2.35am] There are a couple of people in pyjamas now, but most people are still working. It has become more quiet; however. Working participants are predominantly programmers, interestingly. I intend to ask some other members details about their content and progress much later in the day, after most have rested. That would probably be the responsible thing. Additionally, with the theme still secret until Hawaii Game Jam goes underway at five o’clock, it is best not to talk about any projects unless I want to risk spoiling the theme. You may expect a photo here, later, too.

[Day 2: 1.11am] Surprisingly, almost everyone is still busy. There are some noticeably tired faces, though. Some participants have decided to take a break, and there’s been some entertainment (described as the naughty version of Apples to Apples) promised. The crowd has dwindled a little more, but there are still few empty seats. There%2


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