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Terrorhedron 3D Review (PC)

Terrorhedron 3D Review (PC)

Terrorhedron 3DTerrorhedron is a game, in which the “enemy” geometrical shapes follow a track/path towards the defended “base”. The player puts some defensive structures around the track and annihilates the “incoming invaders”. This is all. However, it is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. The player must be quite skilful to progress.

The game is designed to be very minimalistic and straight-forward tower defence. It is deliberately striped from all the fancy eye candy and all the gimmicks so popular in this game genre. This doesn’t mean that “Terrorhedron” is not well made. Quite the opposite. The game design is exceptionally adept, with stunning attention to detail. The beauty of the game is in its very elaborate control and 3D view. Personally, I love the way that everything in the peripheral view fades and only the central part from the screen have the objects sharp and focused. This makes the game look so much more 3D.

Terrorhedron 3DThere are a few let-downs. Firstly, the games tutorial gets stuck at one of the tasks and cannot be completed, but this is not a major disaster. The player can learn everything in the game itself. Secondly, there isn’t a good indication of how strong the “enemy” shapes are. Again, the players can learn that through experience.

For me the biggest “baddie” is the music. It is repetitive, annoying, digital, 8-bit, midi terror. Did I mention annoying? I can understand the designers’ idea for more retro chiptunes but in this case it’s just no good. The best feature of the music is the sound-off option. I tried for 5-6 minutes to let the music play on and I found the game much more compelling after I muted it. I am sure that this is why there is “terror-” in the games title.

As mentioned earlier – the graphics and their effects are amazing. It is definitely one of the best examples of its type. It is simply beautiful.

Terrorhedron 3DThe game offers great control over the defensive structures. It is really neat and easy, yet very detailed. The game is absolute joy to control once you get the basics.
Also, a very nice feature is that the player can save the different points of view they use.

Overall the game “Terrorhedron” is like digital analogue of “Marmite” – you either LOVE it or you HATE it. If you like tower defence games, then you must try this one. If you really hate it from the beginning, move on, the game is not for you. If you don’t know what to make of it, give it a bit of time, it will grow on you. If you like it, then you are my type of person! Enjoy the game.

7 tero-rero-whatever-dron’s out of 10


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