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Top 10 Tips for Halo 4 Online Success

Top 10 Tips for Halo 4 Online Success

Are you tired of being called a N00B online by your friends? Well look no further than Calm Down Tom’s 10 ten tips and tricks for Halo 4 online. No longer will you have a negative K/D. From now on you will lord it over your friends as you cast off your training wheels and turn pro over night. It won’t take you long to convince your friends that the true Elites never left.

1. Know your terrain
Learning the layout of the maps is key. Knowing what to expect from the get-go is vital for your survival. Charge gung-ho up the middle and you’ll be the first to push daisies alongside the rest of your team that followed suit.

2. Patience is a virtue
Like every great predator you should learn to stalk your prey. The all-guns-blazing approach can work but it is a lot less risky to bide your time and strike when the iron is hot, from behind. The same can be said for sitting on a lead. Hunker down and hold your win. The enemy certainly aren’t going to win from hiding at the back of the level. If they want to win they need to come to you.

3. No weapon is overpowered
That’s right no weapon is overpowered. You might hear “Awwww god damn the AR is just too good” or “man that weapons cheap as” but it’s just player rage. Every weapon has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Once your learn that you know what distances weapons can be deadly in and learn how to work around certain opponents.

4. Position and map control is everything
Build upon knowing the ground in which you fight. It’s one thing knowing a map like the back of your hand, but it’s a completely different ballpark once you know how to control it and force the enemies towards ambushes or just keeping them in range of everyone. Developing quick vantage points and using the other half of your team to sweep a map will effectively eliminate the opposition like a well oiled machine.

5. Compliment your chosen weapon with a suitable loadout
I may have said that no weapon is overpowered but a loadout can be. So take your time. Look at your weapons weaknesses and strengths and tailor your custom classes to work with the weapon. Or maybe you have a particular play style that suits you. Look at what weapons help and then find the right perks to strengthen your play. If you are the hit and run kind of guy, maybe a jetpack or the boost perk would help you win.

6. Safety in numbers, but hold your friends at arms length
There is no such thing as “team lone wolves”, so don’t act like it. Your team are there to support you and aid you when you need to run away or just need that extra damage for a kill. You might sacrifice the a few points but you’ll rack up challenges, assist points and a lot more wins. So setting a good few meters between you and a friend could save your life and make a formidable foe of your team. Just watch out for grenades, get your spacing wrong and it could cost.

7. Crouch when you see enemies running carelessly
It’s easy to forget about the crouch in such a fast paced game, especially when you have adrenaline coursing through your veins. But if you can hide in a safe spot as an enemy tears up the map you can get a surprise assassination on your unsuspecting foe. You won’t show up on the radar either while crouching so if you are a stone throw away and nobody has noticed it could be your chance to strike.

8. Find the right time to phone a friend.
It might be tempting to spam your ordnance call whenever you get one but there’s nothing worse than waiting for a drop to be killed before you pick it up. Calling your drop at the right time could turn the tide of the battle. That crucial overshield drop might be what saves you from the 2 enemies running round the corner or could be the saving grace in an uphill battle when you can call in a sniper and sit on your perch picking your foes off one by one. Hell, you could call it for a friend in need if you think it will help. Just make sure it falls into the right hands.

9. These are my loadouts, there are many others like it.
Variety is the spice of life and the flavouring of future warfare. Don’t stick to one rigid gameplan. Evolve with the battle. The best way to do that is by having a diverse set of loadouts. It might be hard to at the start but as you rise through the ranks of the UNSC more weapons and perks become available. So…

10. Try everything.
You might have been the kind of the BR four shot in Halo 3 but this is a whole new monster. There is a whole new array of weapons at your disposal and you would be stupid not to try them. Even the old weapons have received tweaks and adjustments to better suit the new engine. So try them all and try them hard.

These are but a few tips to set you on the right path. A lot of work will need to be put in to perfect your game but with the right start you will find yourself shooting up the ranks and diversifying your playstyles to keep those pesky campers on their toes. So I hope you’ve enjoyed what little nuggets of gold I have been able to spare. Now it’s time to put it in to practice.

Forward ‘Unto Death.

Ryan Esler
UNSC Spartan
Spartan ID: RU92



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  1. Shadow Snipy says
    03/11/2013, 3:03 AM

    no hes right with no 2 if you know how to use a sniper rifle y not use it a have had a lot of perfections by waiting people might call it camping but fuck them your the one winning

  2. Ryan Esler says
    11/06/2012, 10:53 PM

    @Sato well nobody forced you to read the whole article. You chose to read it, meaning you want to improve your game. A lot of people would possibly challenge you on the audacity to comment on grammar, when you have a very loose grasp on it yourself.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you done the exact opposite of everything on the list. After all, you do know everything. Right?

  3. Sato says
    11/06/2012, 10:44 PM

    I appreciate the sentiment, and your grammar isn’t AWFUL.. but that’s all I can say positive about this article — it’s really just common-sense things and I can’t believe the author has the audacity to say they will cause you to “no longer will..have a negative K/D .. from now on you will lord it over your friends .. [and] turn pro over night” Absolutely retarded :P

    But again, I appreciate the offer.

  4. 11/06/2012, 2:17 PM

    Nice list! My biggest trouble is number 2. I always get careless and die in stupid ways.. :( . Practice makes champ tho!

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