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McPixel Review (PC)

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McPixel was the first game ever endorsed by Pirate Bay and the first game ever chosen for Valve’s great new project Steam Greenlight, and even from the very beginning, it is very clear why. Before playing the game, the screenshots already captivate you. Everyone likes pixels! Start up the game and in the first five seconds include a ‘this game may cause brain damage’ warning and a guy peeing on explosives which leads to his demise. That’s fucking intriguing. To enter the story mode, naturally one would have to kick an old man off a chair. Even more intriguing.

Now, I am extremely biased because I just love a good point and click. McPixel isn’t just a GOOD point and click game, it’s fantastic. The idea is pretty simple but at the same time, so freaking complicated. A series of 20 second long mini games play in a never-ending loop until you solve them. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Each game has an explosive that you have to find and prevent from detonating… but it doesn’t always look like an explosive. First round, there is an explosive in the form of a hot dog. There is a hot dog stand and a man. It wasn’t until I had tried putting ketchup on the bomb and kicking the man that I noticed evil red eyes hidden in the background. Click the bomb, click the eyes, and a strange alien-like creature steals the bomb. Later I’m confronted with a hospital room, a man on an operating table with a moving stomach and a slutty nurse beside him. Hmm, axe on the floor, stab him? Stab her?! No, karate chop his stomach and the explosive comes flying out. Makes perfect sense.

I’ll admit that upon booting the game up it wasn’t immediately obvious what the goal was, but I really liked that everything wasn’t spelled out for me, and that for the most part the technique was trial and error. I love puzzle games, and although I am utterly crap, it’s all part of the fun! There are some fantastic incentives for replaying, such as free DLC, bonus rounds for doing well, and I’ll be honest, my memory is rubbish and there are far too many for me to remember how to solve them if I went back.

The most obvious comparison for me would be Monkey Island, but not because of the pixel-y look, but because of the humour and spirit of the game. It has that fantastic Monkey Island ‘what the fuck?’ quality. You know, the one where you have to do something so random, so completely illogical that you would never ever think of it, but somehow Lucasarts got you thinking ‘OF COURSE!’.

The only thing that could really be noted as a negative for the game is the rage that consumes you when a solution takes a while and the same level repeats over and over again, concluding in a click spam-fest.

I feel like this game fills a gap in my life for pointless, mindless fun to help kill an hour when boredom sets in. Silliness, kick ass 8-bit music, explosions and pixelated rainbows. What more could you want?

For £3.99, you really can’t go wrong.

9 pixelated rainbows out of 10


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    Here’s my honest 5 year late review of McPixel @

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