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Walking Dead Episode 3 Review (360)

Walking Dead Episode 3 Review (360)

Telltale just dropped the latest in their series of episodes Walking Dead games and this time it could be considered on time. Directly one month after the last release, Lee is back on our screens and this times he’s taking it home. That’s right, the latest episode is a right tearjerker. They are seasoning your face with salty tears, adding to the taste of your already delicious face.

The story jumps right into the camp where we left Clementine, Duck, Lee and everyone else. Now they are struggling for resources and Lee and Kenny are out looking for food in Macon. On return they are confronted by an extremely angry Lilly. After the events of the last episode she has turned against the group and tensions run high as she accuses one of the group of stealing supplies. Already under great duress from bandits, Lee is confronted and challenged to find the thief and find the stolen resources. Although it is one of the slower of the 3 episodes, you see how much the zombies and the world have destroyed the group. The slow pace does fit this story perfectly and captures the sombre atmosphere surrounding the events that lie within this episode.

Gameplay wise there is a lot more action in the episode than any other. You find yourself fending off bandits, zombies and a tidal wave of emotion as the horrific story unfolds. There are shootouts and zombie shut-ins that have you perched on the edge of your seat begging for your life.

Maintaining a high level of graphics and stunning scenery, The Long Road Ahead not only stays on par with the excellence of its predecessor, but proves that such a slow paced episode can pack a powerful punch. Played in the middle of the night, I found myself cowering beneath the sheets as I stumbled through the uninhabited buildings, taking my time, trying to escape the inevitable scare.

It’s been long enough since the release of the game to truly get a feel for the characters throughout the series. Not only do they set themselves apart from the comics, but they show that Telltalle can bring one hell of story to an under represented genre on consoles. With each episode I find myself enamoured more and more by Lee and Clementine. Drawn together by terror and companionship, I feel the need to check up with her at every given moment. Does she have enough food? Can she defended herself? Is this all in her best interest? These are questions I rarely find myself asking about an NPC. It feels like they have went in the opposite direction tothe comics. This may be down to the choices I’ve made, but I try to help anyone I happen to come across in the wild even if only for a short period of time.

As much as I have loved the series so far, this issue was the most bug ridden for me, which has spoiled the whole experience a little. Since episode 1 I have had issues with the saving and loading of my previous episodes. Every time I turn on the game I don’t receive the storage device selection menu. This has resulted in the need to dashboard from the game several times in the hopes that it might eventually pop up. I can accept this may have been a very small issue at first, but almost 5 months into the games release somebody should maybe have considered a little patch to fix an extremely annoying bug.

This is also the second installment I have had graphical trouble with. Every now and then there seems to be a great overlap of character models or the camera will fall under the scene for no reason. I know I am not the only one with this problem; a friend mentioned it online and we both actually thought it might have been a drawn out, artsy scene for effect. Nope. It was a bug in the game that lead to yet another restart. This meant that I had to backtrack a small amount of gameplay, choices and actions. While not being the worst setback in gaming history, it did come across as a deja vu moment where I mashed A and picked all the same choices, drawing me away from the dramatic build up.

Overall the episode was great though. I loved every minute of it and the asking price is definitely a huge bonus for such a well written narrative and choice system. There really is a bit of everything in the most recent installment of Telltalle Games’ “The Walking Dead”. It is also the first installment to come 1 month directly after it’s predecessor meaning that maybe (just maybe) we will be able to complete the saga before Christmas. I doubt if you bought the first 2 episodes you will shy away from the third, but for those on the fence, you most definitely need to get in on this action before somebody spoils it all online for you.

8 maggot ridden zombies, ambling towards a flock of ten unruly survivors


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