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Top 10 Most Infuriating (But Impressive) Achievements

Last time I wrote a top 10 I named and shamed a great amount of people. I’d love to say I’m sorry but I just can’t bring myself to do so. So instead I’ve decided to dig out the true badges of honor. The redemption list , if you will. We all put ourselves through a tremendous amount of frustrating and taxing hours of games to score that final achievement. All those endless hours we spent collecting tiny orbs, delivering absurd items across massive maps and killing pigeons are worthy of recognition.

10. The first on the list falls far closer on the infuriating side than it does the difficult. Its tedious, tormenting, trepidating and to top it all off treacherously boring. The achievement; Destroy 1,000,000 blocks in Bomberman: Act Zero. For those of you who only remember Bomberman as the cute white, blue and purple dude with a penchant of explosions then please disregard this game. The difficulty is set high and to play the game your expectations need to be low. There’s is not much to offer from the male Samus with an oversized bomb planting hand. If you made it far enough to earn this marvelous reward then I don’t doubt for a second you are the most patient and awesome person on Earth.

9. Lost Planet 2 and the achievement “Committed ‘til the end” takes the cake when it comes to relentlessly rinsing out the same few levels to get everything the game has to offer. Its unbelievably difficult to get but well worth the 100gs that follows. I can only dream of being dedicated to such a game.



8. One game the boggles my mind is Catherine. The amount of processing required in this achievement is just unbelievable. Completing the last tower of Babel is no mean feat; I’ve heard that if Rainman were real that he too would weep at the feet of this momentous task. Not only is it a pain to unlock the last level, but to complete it requires dexterity and that you were born in Japan. There are a few puzzle fanatics that have cracked it, but unfortunately I remain in a heap at the bottom staring at their splendor.

7. Sitting in 7th is Mortal Kombat 9 and the “master all fighters” achievement. To claim you have mastered one character fully in any fighting game is bound to incite a few arguments, but Mortal Kombat went further. The mastery achievement requires the player not only to have spilled a vast amount of blood (literally), but also that they spend a full day playing playing as each and every character as well as a few other pre-requisites tagged on for good measure. With such a burden resting upon a player’s gamercard this achievement stands a bloodied, decapitated head and shoulders above the rest.

6. Much like Hack and Slash games I have also struggled greatly with Shoot’em Ups. The timing and precision required to even stay alive in the harder Japanese games is unbelievable. Well DoDonPachi Resurrection pushes you to the limit on this one. Asking the player to reach a startling 100,000 hit combo. This achievement will test your reactions, skill, memory and controller all at the same time. Many of you will not survive, others will smash your pads off the nearest wall and the very few that make it will be treated as Gods.

5. Now I don’t know about you but I’m fairly sure I’ve been shat on at least 10 times by a pigeon in my lifetime, but does it warrant the extinction of every pigeon in GTA IV? Well some of you raised your hand and screamed “AYYYYYEEEEE”. By rooting out a total of 200 pigeons scattered across every awkward nook and cranny of the map you saved the windshields of thousands in New York and they are forever in your debt. I don’t know how you done it, honestly.

4. I am definitely not one for Hack and Slash games. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them, but I do struggle to comprehend Devil May Cry 4 on it’s hardest difficulty. To set out to get an S rank in every level in Dante Must Die mode seems like one hell of a task. Although I feel obligated to say that I struggled on normal, there are people who manage to fully combo one level on the hardest difficulty. For those of you willing to look death in the face and turn your back on him, you deserve more than the score awarded from this insanely twisted achievement.

3. Fingers will bleed and grown men will weep at the thought of our bronze behemoth. Prepare your axe and start to shred your way towards stardom by achieving what might be the toughest achievement of all the Guitar Hero games. “The Inhuman Achievement”. To earn this badge on your lapel you must enter the belly of the beast and complete “Through the Fire and Flames” on expert difficulty. Yes, there might be some insanely gifted guitar monsters out there, but for a mere mortal like me comprehending that somebody managed to complete this even on hard still boggles my mind (Ed. I can!). Alas my stubby fingers may never have reached the level of a great but for those of you that dare try, I salute you.

2. What’s a list of difficult achievements without Gears of War? This prized silver goes to not one or two, but three achievements that span the series. If you haven’t guessed yet, then you must never have played a GoW game. Sitting very comfortably in 2nd place is the series of “Seriously” achievements. Each topping it’s predecessor by not only time but skill leading up to the towering “Seriously 3.0” which required you to devote countless months to playing several different modes, rinsing every game mode and completely dominating online in every sense of the word. Definitely worth more than a Cog tag!

1. Sitting firmly in 1st place is Bullet Witch, with its infamous 1gs Hell mode achievement. Sitting atop the pile gloating down at the rest, not only because it is one of the hardest but it is by far the least rewarding. Days can be lost in the depths of despair wading your way through countless enemies and all for what is the closest to nothing as you can get without possibly hitting zero. Those willing to put up with such a hard grind just for the 1gs are true perfectionists and deserve the highest of recognitions for their dedication.

If you have even managed to claim 3 of the above as your own I believe I might owe you some sort of prize. It’s insane the amount of stress we are willing to put ourselves through for 100% completion, and with these games specifically you might just need to hibernate for a few years. I thank you all for reading and I would love to hear your hardest achievements, aside from finding a girlfriend or winning the lottery. So drop a comment like its hot.

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