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Top 10 Embarrassing Achievements

Top 10 Embarrassing Achievements

The internet is rife with achievements guides and communities who assemble to help each other better their gamerscore and pursue an endless number of points in hopes of bettering their gaming competitors. So why not create a list of the shameful and down right dirty games that we jump head first into pursuing that elusive perfect score?

10. Anything from playing Avatar:The Burning Earth constitutes as embarrassing. We all know why you played it, and we will be damned if you claim that you went beyond the gamerscore to actually play more than 10 minutes of that abysmal game.





9. Lollipop Chainsaw pushed the boundaries on how willing you were willing to stoop just to get a few extra points, metaphorically and literally. The game asks you to peep up Juliet’s skirt… I mean come on. Once the deed is done you are tarnished, cast aside and ridiculed for your pursuit of virtual upskirt action. But lets be honest, I did it, you did it and the score was totally worth it…kind of.




8. Next up is The Simpsons, with what I believe to be the first of the “press start” achievements. Yeah, well done, I have pressed one button to play a game. That means I am stuck with what could be an atrocious game on my profile for all time. No buts about it, you have committed to playing just that bit more to make it seem that you didn’t give up on that first hurdle.




7. What is worse than an award you get for doing the bare minimum in a game? Doing nothing. That’s right nothing at all. Crash Banidcoot promised the player 15GS for doing 10 funny things. To do 10 funny things meant that you were not to move, jump or even press a button for about 10 minutes. What kind of achievement is that? Do nothing and win is the only category you can file this under.




6. Although some might consider it an accomplishment to have reached the end of Two Worlds, others have a deep and dirty shame buried inside them. At best it can be described as mediocre, but everyone knows that they forced himself to reach the end for a whopping 370GS, which is one of the highest achievement scores ever.




5. Another game that encourages the pursuit of eroticism amidst zombie turmoil is Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. In the height of what could be the apocalypse, you are inspecting every female suvivor, dildo and sex shop in your vicinity trying to get the perfect picture. So when you get that satisfying “bleep-bloop” that rings loudly we know where your priorities lie, and where we will be leaving you when the dead walk the earth.




4. The next up is a combination of achievements. When Guitar Hero 3 was released plastic band syndrome was wide spread and everyone wanted to better the highscores, while those couldn’t wanted to better your gamerscore. Not only did GH3 have one “fail” achievement, but 2. The first being for failing a song after 90% and the other for failing a song 10 times. Everyone starts somewhere Guitar Hero! Maybe Through the Fire and Flames isn’t as easy as you thought on Hard mode. Hell there are even achievements assigned to players who choose to play with a remote. God knows who bought GUITAR hero and thought it was meant to be played on a pad, but you should be ashamed of yourself if you went to those lengths.


3. Alone in the Dark also managed to horde a vast amount of useless achievements and rewarded the player for wasting essential materials. These achievements included celloptaping a bottle up and combining a bottle with an emergency flare and killing a defenceless goldfish. Killing somebody’s pet is the height of bad manners, and if you actively went out your way to achieve all 3 you are a monster of a human being.



2. Dead or Alive has its first entry in the list with the insanely tedious Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 series. It was a complete mystery why somebody would play through the first game for hours, but the fact that there is enough interest for them to make a sequel has literally blown my mind (Ed Literally? Ouch!). Not only does the game itself seem absurdly dull, but those who went to the point of hoarding each and every costume in the game may need some (mental) help.



1. By far the most embarrassing achievement possible to be stuck with for all time is that of the 0GS “20 Straight Losses in DOA Online” in Dead or Alive 4. Not only did you face your defeat and rinse and repeat your best tactics to be demolished by some online whizz kid, but now you have to hold that loss forever. There is no escaping and you are stuck with that loss for eternity.




Yes I know DOA hold the top 2 in the list but rightfully so. The best of the worst have been named and shamed and I for one whole heartedly admit that I have more than my fair share of achievements on the list. It comes with the territory of being an achievement whore. We are all guilty of doing it, but its rarely pointed out. Do you have any dirty gaming achievements? Then tell us below in the comments!

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  2. 08/20/2012, 5:10 PM

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  3. 08/09/2012, 2:41 AM

    The Simpsons? Sure it’s a dumb achievement but it’s an achievement that’s unavoidable. If you play the game you’re going to get the achievement.

  4. David says
    08/03/2012, 8:53 AM

    actually, the first DOA:XBV game was quite solid. The sequel was a disappointment.

  5. 08/02/2012, 3:00 PM

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