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Symphony Review (PC)

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Symphony to a gamer’s soul, team review by Duke Pepo and Dr. Yokky

If you don’t have a deep love for beautiful music (any type you choose) and an appreciation for great imagination then this game is not for you. I suggest move on to the next review in CalmDownTom. Oh, and you also have to enjoy playing old 2D arcade shoot em ups, but who doesn’t likes them anyway?

I got a copy of a game called Symphony from Empty Clip Studios a few days ago. What interested me was that the game generates the different levels within the game based on your own music. My expectation was for some nice audio player with advanced visualisation effects. How little I knew…

I have to admit that I didn’t know a thing about game like Audiosurf before, but now I am addicted to games that use my own music library. I love it. The review is a joint review as I ended up fighting with my 6 year old son about whose turn it was or which song to choose or what upgrade to make.

So here is Dr. Yokky’s summary of the game:
“In the beginning you have a spaceship that shoots and then come the bad guys that eat music… You have music and must kill them without being broken as you make fewer points then. However, when you collect notes your ship gets repaired. If you get a lightning your ship receives power ups. If the ship is wrecked you lose the power ups…”

Is it clear what the game is about? No? Well, I will explain:
In the beginning you have a spaceship that shoots and then come the bad guys that eat music…

The game is very arcade, very retro, and lots of fun. Symphony generates every level in accordance with the songs you choose and load. The music and game actions are perfect match and the experience is surreal. Because of this the game has your favourite soundtrack – beacause its yours! As long as you have enough songs, you can listen forever and you will never get bored of it. I loaded only 4000 song, but do not fear as soon as I pass them all I will add more!

The graphics are also fantastic. The game action is in 2D plane, but all visual effects are 3D. Even the story is perfect. Short, straight to the point and the developers don’t get carried away with narrative. The levelling system meanwhile is both engaging and comprehensive, with many viable options to upgrade your ship and customise it to suit the types of levels your music will generate.

Its a simple game, but its one of those titles where adding anything more would ruin the streamlined beauty of the game. As a result, its hard to think of anything that could be added to the game to make it better. If you want to play something that makes a game from your music library, there is simply no better experience than this.

Obviously, I really enjoyed that Symphony experience and if you meet the conditions stated in the beginning of the review, I promise you will too.

10 “I want to give the game 9, but I have no reasons to deduct anything”s out of 10


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