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Should I be excited about… War of Human Tanks (PC)

Should I be excited about… War of Human Tanks (PC)

“War of the Human Tanks is… how to put this… unexpected!!!”
“Yes that is a way to describe it…”
“Ha! This is interesting…”

This is the type of dialogue you can find in the game – a lot of it. In fact, the beginning of the game almost put me off of playing it. WHen playing the game, it took me ages until I actually had any action. Initially, it was just clicking through some weird dialogue (I think that there is some story behind the conversation, but I didn’t have the endurance to read carefully all of it till the end) without any option to skip it. Then the game started (the actual game that requires your input in order to continue). And it was great- a bit retro, but very enjoyable. It took some effort to understand the rules and the aims as no tutorial or help was provided, but it was fun.

The game itself is turn-based strategy with similarities to the Battleship board game. However, instead of battleships you have “Human Tanks” (with various abilities) and they can move across the board during the battle. The music is similar to a retro Nintendo game, repetitive and I found it annoying, but that could be just me. The graphics are Japanese anime (sequence of static pictures with some transition effects) and fit the style of the game just fine.

The biggest let down at this stage (as I mentioned earlier) is the introduction. It is endless. The story behind it is far too complicated and hard to follow. Just for the fun of it, I started from the beginning and counted how many clicks are required before the actual game started – give or take it was 270! 270 pointless clicks before any action! Only those with a deep love of anime stories will be able to endure this. The game can benefit seriously if all this is prepared as a single movie clip (with an option to skip it).

Overall, in my opinion the game creators need to address some issues in order to maximise the games potential. The basic gameplay is solid but elements of the presentation make it a bit of an “ugly duckling”. Still, with a bit of polish it can turn in a very fine example of this game genre…

I am looking forward to see the full release. Thumbs up guys!


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