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Ragnarok Violet Review (iOS)

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Ragnarok Violet dates backs to 2002 with its predecessor Ragnarok Online, which was a massive MMORPG hit in Asia. This was especially true in Korea, where it has a massive fan base some 55 million in number. Originally a pay-to-play game, it then became free to play, adding to its audience. Now it goes portable on iOS in the form of Ragnarok Violet. Published and distributed by Gravity Europe, it’s available for your iPhone, iPods and iPads from the Apples app store.

So what’s the jist of this nice little game? Set in the lands of Rune-Midguard, you play a young protagonist who hopes to become a knight and stop the Dark Lord reawakening. That’s it. Simple. It’s a nice cute looking RPG and I expected nothing more.

So with that in mind I took my download code from CalmDownTom and off I went. Instantly I knew I was going to like this game. It plays from a top down perspective and I immediately had a feeling of nostalgia. SNES Zelda anyone?  So with the top down view you have your touch control pad on the bottom left, your health and magic stats on the left, your inventory and menus top right and your buttons and short cuts on the bottom right. Its nice and simple and doesn’t over crowd the screen to the point that you can’t see what’s going on.

Now if you’re a player that likes to grind then you’ll like this. The game is about leveling up your character and selecting what skill sets to choose as a reward. However you don’t need to waste your entire life grinding to level up, and this should appeal to the folk that have no patience in slowly levelling a character as well.

So on to combat…. it’s not like final fantasy turn based RPG system. Its got the “hack and slash”approach to wading through your enemies. It doesn’t require any skill to do this as its all about hitting the same button on your iOS device continually. Also, the enemies at the start of the game won’t pose too much of a challenge for you even before you’ve levelled up. This is a good thing, as who likes dying early in a campaign, or that feeling of frustration when you can’t beat the most simplistic of enemies?

Unlike the original game and most RPGs, this game comes with a Pet system. You can acquire these pets at various pet shops dotted through out the game. Pick carefully though as different pets give different advantages such as boosting your HP. Just like real pets you need to keep them fed. Let them go hungry and your pet is useless to you. As you play through the game your pet likes to talk to you. They say nothing useful though, just general cuteness sayings. This I found to be annoying.

So you’ve killed a few enemies, completed a few quests and now you’ve got some money to use. The game has numerous shops for which to purchase better weapons and armor and various magic items to help you. This is an integral part of the game, as you need to be better equipped to face the tougher quests later on. There are in-App purchases that you can use to acquire items with real money too. I’m not a fan of this, and you can play just as well buying items from your bounty you acquire throughout the game.

Downsides? For me I truly hated the dialogue. I mean it just oozes cuteness and the characters are far too quirky. I mean come on now, we’re facing a dark lord here, let’s be a wee bit more serious about it. One other possible down side is the mini map. I reviewed this on the iPad, so everything is bigger and more easy to see. I could see those using iPhone or iPod struggling with it.

And how long will it keep you entertained? Well the game boosts over 50 quests and 300 hrs of game play, so I would say that’s definitely worth investing a measly £0.69!

8 (non-cute) Dark Lords out of 10


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  1. tanto says
    08/02/2012, 8:54 PM

    the f2p makes this garbage

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