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Deponia Review (PC)

If you like point-and-click games and having a dump the size of a whole world sounds like a paradise, you will like Deponia.

Deponia isn’t a typical point and click though. The problem is that your hero is not your typical hero. Rufus is lazy, grubby, self-centred and overall not very nice, but his dream of leaving his little home village of Kuvaq gets the best out of his clumsy ingenuity. He begs, steals and borrows everything to find a way to get out of Deponia and to go to the dreamland of Elysia. All his attempts though are total, 100% failures.

On his last attempt to get to Elysia, he manages to find a beautiful, albeit spoiled elysian girl called “Goal” who ends up falling from the skies into Kuvaq. And so the adventure begins. Saving Goal and getting both of them to Elysia is now Rufus’s mission.

The graphics are amazing and cute. The dialogue is funny and witty. There is plenty to rummage through item wise, and the puzzles are logical. It is a great example of a game of its type.

The only downside is that it is a bit slow paced. You have to talk to everybody to get clues, but as you find stuff out you need to go and talk again with them because you get more out of them. There are a lot of places to go and check, and a lot of people to talk to. That makes the game quite slow to play, but the interesting environments that you explore and the engaging story maintain your interest.

The pleasure of this types of games comes from a few different things – the graphics and the environments, the story, the pleasure of finding stuff and the satisfaction of resolving a challenge. The first two are there in Deponia, the third one – finding stuff – is slightly more challenging because things blend in so well when you are rummaging a dump. The puzzles though, although logical, involve a bit too many steps and items and these steps often involve smaller sub-puzzles. Therefore, the satisfaction and pleasure of resolving something comes a bit too infrequent and the player can get bored a bit too quickly.

As a fan of point and click’s I really enjoy playing Deponia, but because of the slow pace and length of the game, I struggled to finish. On the other hand, if you really enjoy this type of game you will have this pleasure of pointing and clicking for some time!

7 dump finds out of 10


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