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Top 10 Comic Book Games

In light of the recent boom of comic book adaptations it feels more than appropriate to dawn our nostalgia goggles and look over the great comic book games of yesteryear. With some as old as gaming itself and many of which appearing on our screens merely a month or two ago, I present; The Top Ten Comic to Console Games. (please note that these are in no particular order other than how quick they bubbled to the surface of my mind)

10. The Darkness (series)
With two games from two completely different developers the past 5 years have shown the gaming world completely different perspectives on the world in which Jackie Estacado and his Darklings inhabit. Each with their own twist, The Darkness games have jumped off the screen and into our nightmares (or dreams if you are inclined that way) with extravagant tales and vicious demises. Sitting proud on top of a pile of decapitated heads, The Darkness has made its mark on the game world for better or worse.

9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (series)
Both of these games allow you to form your own Avengers-type team of your favourite Marvel heroes. It had never crossed my mind what would happen if Moon Knight, Wolverine, Deadpool and Blade had formed their own Avengers-esque team until I played the game, but now I know it would be badass and there would be no survivors. If you had your own dream team of Marvel’s Mightiest this game is definitely for you.

8. Spiderman (2000)
Although this choice is tainted with nostalgia, I can’t help but look back fondly on a game narrated by Stan Lee with a plethora of alternate costumes that introduced me to the depth that comics books went in to when developing characters. Even if I didn’t fully understand the lore, nothing could stop me from loving the amazing bagman.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game (NES)
TMNT was the first comic book-game adaptation I had ever played, although this was in the belief that it was a game of my favourite television show. Many an hour was spent relentlessly pursuing Bebop and Rocksteady in a bid to save April.

6. Marvel vs Capcom (series)
A series the pits the marvelous against the treacherous in 3v3 fights. With flashy visuals and a large cast Marvel vs Capcom allows you to mix and match the 2 universes to create the ultimate team.

5. Batman Arkham Asylum/City
With many Batman games lurking in the distance the Arkham games are far ahead of pack with a strong sense of what it takes to be the Dark Knight. The games captures what it means to be both a detective and Gotham’s protector. With subtle hints to many of Batman’s most infamous villains I found myself scrutinising the map endlessly for more clues.

4. Naruto Rise of a Ninja and Broken Bond
Although Naruto is not technically a comic book it is however a wonderful translation to consoles. While some of the games can be a little bit ropey, Rise of a Ninja and Broken Bond are the best for both story and gameplay. Hopefully we will see these two continue on through the Shippuden storyline instead of the rather poor ninja storm games.

3. X-men Arcade
Who could forget the X-Men arcade game? Originally made for 6 players and for the arcade only, this game was akin to gaming gold at a local arcade. It wasn’t available outside of the arcades until the re-release on home consoles just under two years ago. With it came a blast from a past and one of gaming’s most wonderful translation blunders “X-Men, welcome…to DIE”. Need I say more?

2. Scott Pilgrim The Game
It is rare to see a modern game go back to the basic 8 bit roots it had grown from and Scott Pilgrim did just that. In my opinion it is the only way that a game could be created from a movie (which was made about a comic). It really captures the feel of a more simple time in gaming and with 4 player co-op you and your friends can plunge hours in to battling the 7 Evil Exs.

1. The Walking Dead
The newest game by far on the list, The Walking Dead stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of doing the comic books justice. With truly humane and difficult decisions the game captures what many games fail to do, the atmosphere of its source. With several episodes due to be released monthly there is no reason not to be excited about The Walking Dead.

Honourable mentions
Although the following games aren’t directly linked to any source they happen to stumble upon a grey area in which they are based on trying to look, sound and act like comics but have been the brainchild of the developer itself. These games are Comic Jumper, Unbound Saga and Comix Zone.

These are just my opinion but I would be delighted to hear what your favourites are and what’s your favourite comic games are. So feel free to comment, complain or train a small carrier pigeon to mail me your grievances.


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