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Cubemen Review (PC)

Cubemen Review (PC)

Cubemen. Its hardly a name that inspires excitement. As titles go though, its accurate. This game is absolutely full of Cubemen, and they are massacred in their hundreds. If you have a deep seated desire to see little 3D men explode in showers of gratuitous cubes, this is the game for you.

Cubemen is a fast paced Tower Defence game that emphasises quick reactions and adaptability from the player. Its streamlined, fast and completely brutal. While many tower defence games are willing to give you time to mull over your decisions, Cubemen makes it clear from the start that you will have to think fast and be bold from the start. While in other games this could be difficult, Cubemen is so cut down and accessible that its very easy to get started and to react to the changing waves of enemies you face.

The presentation of the game is simple but strangely pretty. The models themselves are basic, but the amount of particles and effects are what make the whole thing look so appealing. When the screen fills up with huge numbers of cube dudes and they are all firing guns, flamethrowers and rockets the whole thing gets hectic and looks great. The animation is strong as well, and seeing the red and blue cubemen being blown apart never stops being fun.

There are a number of unique components to the gameplay of Cubemen that differentiate it from standard tower defence titles. The biggest one is that the “towers” are not towers at all, but are little Cubemen with weapons. This means that they can be moved at any time. While regular tower defence games focus on choosing the best positions for towers when you first build them, here there is far more emphasis on getting your Cubemen built quickly and adapting by moving them to the best positions on the map. They will even fire as they move, meaning that at times the game acts like a curious blend of tower defence and RTS game.

The maps that the action takes place on are just as blocky and basic as the characters that inhabit the game world. Consisting of simple geometric shapes made up of tiles, these levels float in the void and their unique shapes define the strategy that you must use in each game. In total there are thirty single player defence levels with associated difficulty levels. There’s no conventional campaign or story; you simply select a level and play. This limited selection shows that the game is more focused on multiplayer combat. Playing against the AI is fun enough in its own right, but its only when playing against other humans that you get the best experience of the game.

Sadly it can be hard to find others to play against online. Although I found a few games, I was often left waiting for a long time to find an opponent if one was available at all.

If you decide Cubemen is for you then make sure a friend buys it at the same time so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest. It is pure, unrefined tower defence fun, but its single player mode is very limited. That being said, its super cheap and its something you’ll come back to any time you want a quick, tower-defending fix.

7 cubular expolodey-bangs out of 10

Feature by Chrissy Welsh


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