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Botanicula Review (PC)

Do you like nature? Do you like little bugs, strange plants, creepy crawlies and things like that? And may be you love figuring things out, finding a way through a labyrinth or sorting out a puzzle? Then this is a game for you! Botanicula is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design.

You start as a group of strange little bugs crawling on a tree. You need to find your way around (you only see a small part of a branch) and collect things.
If you have played Machinarium (one of the other well known games from the same developer) then you would know what to expect. The puzzles are not easy to figure out. The ideas are quite quirky. Despite this, Botanicula is a lot more cheery and with nature and life as a theme, it doesn’t have the same depressing feel as Machinarium.

Despite its cheerier tone, there is absolutely no help of any shape or form during the game. There is no information on controls or even what you are supposed to do! It is very frustrating sometimes when you get stuck. When you can’t find a way forward, there is nothing to help you even just to check if there may be other controls that you can use.

Just like Machinarium, Botanicula involves the player controling a character while exploring the environment, solving puzzles and collecting items. The challenge is in discovering how to interact with other creatures and find all the little secrets that are present in the gorgeous natural environment.

As you play you slowly learn that every creature that you meet is snapped and collected in a card. You can go and browse your weird and wonderful collection of trophies but as far as I could see, there is no way to actually use them for anything.

The visuals and the graphic are really different from anything else on the market and quite enjoyable. The game also has some really quirky elements thrown in, like going inside a tree to find a genie. AS you go on your small group of wannabe heroes is given a chance to make their dreams and fantasies a reality for few minutes and you can enjoy some weird and wonderful scenes, such as a really bizarre orchestra playing strange music.

Overall Botanicula is a very original and quirky, slow going and often challenging game with beautiful graphics and nice music.

7 creepy crawly cute creatures out of 10


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