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Happily Ever After Review (PC)

Happily Ever After Review (PC)

Children’s fairy tales always finish with “happily ever after”, so every time you hear or read this phrase you think about your childhood. If you have watched Shrek 2 then the phrase “happily ever after” will have a slightly different meaning to it.

When I was given the game my reaction was: “Happily ever after” – Oooh, game for children… but its “From Lace Mamba!” and I love the stuff they do! Then I tried to install it, no problem at first but when I tried to run it in a window size all the buttons to click were off the screen and there was no way to play! I had to give up and play full screen.

The game itself is exactly the type I love – almost plausible story set up, puzzle after puzzle, hidden object games (looooooots of them) all linked by a story! I was a bit apprehensive initially, thinking that may be a kid’s game, but it is not! The puzzles are definitely not for young kids. Early teens…. may be, some smart 8-10 year olds…. possibly, but some of the puzzles are quite challenging. Not challenging to an extent that you get annoyed, though! Actually most of the puzzles are quite well gauged so they are relatively quick to solve, without being too easy and just challenging enough to be interesting.

The game starts with you choosing a character to match your gender (if you want it to!) and choosing a name. You then go through a tunnel to appear on the other side in a fairy tale land. But this is not a fairy tale land that things happen as in fairy tales. Oh, no! Everybody seems to be mean (even the ones that you think are supposed to be good). everybody is bossing you around and they keep texting you (yes, they have mobile phones!) to come and help them and all you end up doing is running around sorting out somebody else’s mess and all you get in return is even more bossing around! Occasionally somebody gives you something in return, something that you need in order to go back to your own world.

The game is very, very addictive. I tried to stop playing and every time I said to myself “I will just do one more task and hopefully I will get something that I need to go back home and it will be the end of the game”. After about 5 or 6 of those you realised that you were planning to stop playing about an hour ago…

When I finished the game it was a bit funny to see that instead of one of the logos on the credit’s screen it said “Titlelogo_S”. Obviously the testers never finished playing the game to spot the mistake. Get better testers, or give them to me to test play for you (I will definitely spot something like that!).

So bottom line, great addictive game for anybody who loves puzzle games, spot the difference and find the hidden object type games.

8 tall tales, well told out of 10



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  1. Elfa says
    05/16/2012, 5:03 PM

    I struggled with that one as well. I ended up getting my husband to do it. But bottom line is to draw a grid and plot which way you go and what you see and remember that your turn is relative to your entry point (remember which way you are facing). That helped!

  2. Suzy says
    05/16/2012, 12:03 PM

    how to help gingerbread to find a legendary hive – which way to go :(
    stuck there almost 3 days :(

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