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English Country Tune Review (PC)

English Country Tune Review (PC)

If somebody tells you about something called “English Country Tune” you would be excused for thinking that it’s about boring, old music. Well, you would be wrong.

It is a game, and it is not a musical game either. It is a puzzle game, or actually a “puzzles” game. So if you don’t like puzzles stop reading now, this is not a game for you.

If the names sokoban, Klotski and daughter-in-a-box mean something to you then you need to try the English Country Tune.

The game is a relatively simple concept of moving balls (strangely, called “larva”) to special boxes. You move them with a flipping plate. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, if you thought that you’d be wrong…  It is simple to start with and then it is becomes very, very difficult. More concepts are layered on as you go through the game until it is truly complex, involving and compulsive.

The Universe in the game doesn’t follow the same familiar rules of our own Universe. The ECT Universe doesn’t have our own ubiquitous gravity. Your own flipper can only flip around the surface of the maze while the “larva” moves in the direction that you push it. And believe me, it sounds easier than it is. The control is only by keyboard and every time you flip on a different surface your controls also change as they are relative to the surface. It does turn everything on its head. Literally!

The menu design is great. It looks like a giant molecule. You turn the molecule around in the space (using the keyboard and for some unknown reason I always start moving it the wrong way, maybe the directions are reversed?). When one of the atoms is in the middle of the window and  closest to you, you can select it and it goes to that puzzle.

The game can be played in window mode (which I always prefer for games that don’t need the full screen size).

English Country Tune is fun game that will challenge your mental powers. Its not unique, but its one of the best games of its type.

7 lovely larvae out of 10


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