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Yesterday Review (PC)

Yesterday Review (PC)

Do you like crime and mystery stories? You do? Then this game is for you!

Let us introduce you to the enigmatic John Yesterday, an amnesiac who must discover the secrets of the missing beggars in New York City in this new title from Pendulo Studios.

The standard definition of this type of game is “point and click”. To call it a “find the hidden object game” would be a gross understatement, it is far more. Don’t get me wrong, it IS a find the hidden object game, but this is only one aspect of the game. The story itself is probably the best I have seen for… well, probably for ever. It was so good that I started playing the game on Friday evening after very busy week, expecting to play for about an hour to get the feel for the game and expected to play till I fell asleep. I was so wrong. I ended up playing for more than 5 hours straight and was forced to go to bed when all I wanted to do was play the game and see how the story developed. The next day I was back on the computer playing and could stop until I finished the game….and when I finished it I played it again.

Do you want to know why I wanted to play again? Close to the end of the game I had a choice. I love games where you can choose an ending. I chose and the game ended shortly. And now I can’t stop thinking what would happen if I had made a different choice…

So some background on the story: you start with one character and go and click on things, collect things and assemble things. Combining items is essential to make progress through the story. At one point in the story though *minor spoilers ahead* you are captured and them you start playing with somebody else thus changing the dynamic of the game and throwing the player off balance, but in a good way.

As the story progresses other playable characters appear and the complex story involves flashbacks and events that happen at different times, amnesia, strange NPC’s (who may be mad?), an investigation story, a love story, a martial art training section and more. This is just a small glimpse of the complexity and the beauty of a story that mixes so many ideas, but somehow never loses focus.

Despite all these concepts and ideas mixed together, the story isn’t compromised or diminished. All of this insanity serves the plot, and it’s so involving that it’s interesting even just to watch somebody else play through it.

The only slight thing that I can mention that probably could have been improved is the detail of the game concerning the objects that you can click on. If you click on an object that you don’t need (although it allows you to click on it) it just says that you do not find any need for this object. It would have been better either to not allow you to click at all, or to be able to collect them and simply not use them later (which also happens with some objects). It would have increased the complexity of the tasks afterwards – trying to find which of the objects you have will do the job or which one will combine with which. However, the story is so brilliant that I can easily forgive them for not bothering with those objects.

A must play game for any fan of crime and mystery stories!

9 point and clicks out of 10


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