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My Army (iOS)

My Army is a game brought to us by Distinctive Games and published by Bad Puppet. It’s a top down commando style, runner type game, with a world war theme to it. In some ways it very much looks like a Cannon Fodder game.

Game play is simple. You take control of 4 soldiers and tilt your iPhone/iPod/iPad to navigate your soldiers round obstacles such as barbed wire, mines and hay stacks. You will come across enemy soldiers trying to shoot you but your squad will easily take them out if you keep them stocked with ammo. To do this ammo crates are strategically dropped at points and you need to move your device to get the squad to collect them. However it doesn’t stop there. The more you progress the more difficult the enemy gets. You will have shells and homing missiles that you need to tap of your device to get them to blow up before it hits your squad and then air strikes in which you’ll see a crosshair enter your screen and you’ll need to swipe it away to save your squad.

Now as I said you get 4 soldiers which is kind of like having 4 lives. Getting hit by the hazards mentioned or running out of ammo and getting shot by enemy soldiers sees you lose a squad member. Not to worry though, as the game progresses you can get POWs (prisoners of war) which if rescued join your squad thus regaining a life. The further you progress the more you unlock in the game such as uniforms and vehicles that allow you to take more hits before losing a squad member.

The games good simple fun. To me its one of those “I’ll just have another go” titles as you try to outdo the distance you got the last time. As well as being connected to games centre for your achievements it can link in with Facebook too so you can get competitive with your friends. I give it…

7 angry Vietnam vets, pushed too far out of 10


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