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Wrestling Manager iOS

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Serious Parody have released Wrestling Manager on iTunes for those iPad, iPhone and iPod users who demand some smack down. The game revolves around starting a wrestling company and building it from the ground up. You basically set up events to make your money then invest this money in new wrestlers, new arenas to play in and new events to compete in, however the ratings of your events can have a huge impact in your game and effect the amount of money you make.

The wrestlers arenas and events are represented by cards. Each has there own unique abilities. Wrestlers can have an overall score number of moves and finishers. Arenas have capacity limits and cost to rent, and you have cards that can set up different type of matches such as call outs and brag matches. The more you play your wrestlers the more they progress, increasing their stats and popularity. You can also have your wrestlers join in game factions just like on the tv and have rival factions face off each other.

And since your the manager you can set up events, pick who fights and even pick the winner of the fight which helps for increasing a wrestlers abilities. The game has a auction facility within so you can search and buy new wrestlers and new arenas to play in or even sell off wrestlers in your company that you think aren’t doing to well. The game allows you to dive straight in. You can automate events for quickness but you can also customize and tweak your events to suit you, so setting up can be as quick or as long as you like.

If you’re not progressing as well as you like the game allows for in-game purchasing in the app store to boost your career, but be prepared to spend a little extra. You can however unlock everything in the game with progression and time without the need to spend any more money.

Wrestling fans will love this game. It works well on the small screen with its large chunky visuals. Even those that aren’t excited by management games will like it as the subject matter is ridiculous and fun. I enjoyed playing around on this game and naming my own events but considering I got a promotional copy I would be honest and say that paying £6.99 is a bit steep and especially considering the additional in-app purchases.

Its definitely worth a look, but maybe its worth waiting for when the price is lowered. I give it a:

Stone Cold Steve Austin 7:(out of) 10


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  1. face says
    06/04/2012, 7:20 AM

    Very good application, the function is very strong, Google can search to more application is very nice


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