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You should have played… The Ship

You should have played… The Ship

I played ‘The Ship’ back in 2007 during its heyday. I really liked it back then, but I always got the feeling that most other people didn’t. I would beg people in my local LAN centre to play it with me, and although it took some persuasion, when we played we always had a really good time.

The single player version of the game is based around a murder mystery, a sort of Saw-like story, albeit perhaps a less gritty version of that story.

It’s the 1920s. You were minding your own business on a nice little cruise when Mr X (yes… Mr X) decided to hijack the ship and take everyone hostage. He tells everyone to prepare to kill or be killed. Everyone is given a quarry, and off you go! When you find your quarry, a bellboy appears out of nowhere and tells you he can help you get off the ship alive… at a price. The quest line goes on in a similar fashion. You go make friends with a shady NPC, they ask you to kill some folk and if you do they will give you money. For some reason, if the security guards or cameras catch you in the act you get 30 seconds of jail time. This just doesn’t make sense at all… couldn’t we just chuck Mr X in jail?

It’s a nice little first person game, and although there are various single player and multi player options, the multi-player was always the best thing. Up until recently, that multiplayer experience was dead. But now….

‘The Ship’ is not a game for the impatient. This was probably the biggest factor in its eventual demise. At the time, everyone was obsessing over Call of Duty and Counter Strike and The Ship just didn’t stand a chance. Between the characters needing to pee every five minutes and only having enough stamina to run for 10 seconds, The Ship’s unique, niche appeal went under-appreciated.

The company who developed the game originally sadly went under, and now the game has been taken over by Blazing Griffin. Its early days for its relaunch, but its dedicated fans hope for a renaissance. I think that with a few adjustments it could be a really great game, and one that would appeal to todays market more than before. With the new Assassins Creed games using a very similar gameplay style, Blazing Griffin could have a great core gameplay idea to build on and if they could revive multi-player then it would definitely be something I would play. You should too!

By Hollie Aitken


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