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We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 20: Skyrim and Old Republic

We’ve Been Playin’ is now 20! Well, thats if you don’t count all the special editions, interviews and random RPG sessions. So we won’t!

Although I am sure we will dive into it in even MORE detail in the future, we go pretty deep with Skyrim, while Ealiom rants about its user interface the rest of us consider whether the Old Republic is awesome, just like WOW, or awesomely just like WOW.

Thanks for listening everyone, sorry its been so long since our last “proper” games podcast. We’ll be back in less than two weeks, so you won’t have to wait nearly as long next time.

For now, I am off to Amsterdam to celebrate an early Christmas. I’ll be back soon, don’t wreck the place while I am gone!

And here’s the handsome devils before we went to the pub!


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