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Gua Li Ni or : The Horrendous Parade

Gua Li Ni or : The Horrendous Parade

Gua Li Ni or : The Horrendous Parade is a game brought to us by Stefano Gualini who has sneakily worked his name into the title. Developed by game studio Double Jungle within NHTV Breda University of applied science, this is where Stefano Gualini is also doing his thesis research.

So what is the game exactly? It’s all about being a taxonomer categorizing various different species you come across. The game takes the form of a puzzle memory game in which you use up to 4 blocks to correctly catergorise the animal walking across your screen. This is not your usual animals like a TIG – GER, no no it could be a CON – HOG or even a RAB – GER – DOR and you only have till the creature walks across the screen to decide.

To solve the puzzle you use blocks. Each block has a picture of part of an animal and it’s also labelled. Each block is different with various types of creatures on them. You start off easy with only 2 blocks, but have to position the blocks correctly. To do this you need to use 2 of your fingers on the iPad as if your picking the blocks up and rotate them if required to be in the right position. One you get the hang of it its simple enough, and in the Fiction mode of the game you get to add or remove blocks. So you step up your game by adding a third maybe a fourth block to the game. This is where your memory skills are put to the test especially using four blocks!

The non fiction mode is quite tricky with the added difficulty of feeding the beast too. Some are herbivores (veggies) and some are carnivores (give me meat!!!) and if you feed them incorrectly you can mix up your combinations.

Now the game was developed as a study into player physiological responses and reactions whilst playing the game. This is emphasized on the press release of the game:

By observing the way stress and anxiety changed in out test subjects together with changes in the game whilst designing and tuning it we were capable, we believe, of having a better more thorough and more objective insight into what it is like to play our game than would ever be possible to achieve with traditional quality assurance procedures. This experimental way to approach game design was never even attempted in the casual sector of the industry, we’re very proud of this pioneering effort too.

The look of the game is nice. The old style book you open and the nice artistic illustrations of the animals on the paper walking across your screen. For those of you that a competitive then there are leader boards for over all score or a good one that is the quickest time to categorize 2 full creatures with 4 blocks. Plus the voice of the character talking you through the game is quite amusing.

Did I like it? Well I found myself oddly drawn to it. After all it is a memory game in which time is of the essence and that can get a bit addictive once you decide your going to up the difficulty. Even though sometime the iPad controls can get frustrating, this is overall a nicely presented game with a high concept but a great central premise.


7 crazy creatures out of 10


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