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Greedy Bankers Vs The World

Greedy Bankers Vs The World

Greedy bankers vs The World on the iPad is a puzzle game brought to us by indie developer Alistair Aitcheson and is a follow on to the hit game Greedy Bankers that was released for the iPhone.

The game is based on gems that fall into the screen. You have to group the gems of the same colour together to make a cash bonus. The larger the grouping of colours, the bigger the amount of cash that you can generate. To complicate matters, falling rubble can mess up your play board and stop you from moving gems around. This can be solved by grouping gems near to rubble. As you cash-in, the rubble is removed from the screen. You also get bonus blocks that when burst can turn surrounding rubble into nicely colored gems for you to group and cash-in. There are also pieces of rubble that if destroyed can give you a cash bonus, so there’s always an incentive to clear your board as well as group the gems together. My personal favourite moment is when a thief appears on your board and moves around stealing any gems he comes into contact with, thus ruining your multiplier.

As the title suggest its a satirical game based on the banking crisis of recent years and there are different modes in which to play. You have the Arcade mode, which is simply about reaching a target amount of cash before the time runs out. Make that amount and you move to the next level.

The story mode of the game sees the player investigate the cause of the banking crisis that happened in 2008. Trying to stop you are different bankers. Each banker is basically a different level and they get increasingly harder and harder to beat. You have to reach a target amount in the time permitted before the banker does. Not only do you have to watch your score, but can get distracted by keeping tabs on the bankers score as well.

The multiplayer aspect is not what it seems. You’re not going online to play other players but in fact it’s 2 players using the same iPad at the same time. This is where it gets interesting as not only can you try and beat your friends score but you can reach over and steal gems by dragging them to your side. I can see this being quite a social aspect to the game or a fall-out with the Mrs because you play dirty :) I would have liked to see a multiplayer online mode against other players, but that’s just me.

To be frank I love this game. It’s a great wee puzzler to play anywhere and the graphics on the iPad are attractive while the different modes add to the games replayability. For the low price of £1.99 it’s definitely value for money!

8 shiny gems out of 10


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