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Bang! Review (iPad)

The Big Dawg reveals his secret love of card games with a Bang!

As a lover of card games, strategy and turn based games, I was given the delight of reviewing Bang! HD for the iPad. So what is Bang! HD? Well quite simply put its a card game which is turn based.

The games is based on the award winning game Bang! by Emiliano Sciarra. It’s brought to us under official license by dV Giochi and co-produced by Piazam and SpinVector, developed by SpinVector.

It’s a western styled game in which you have a Sheriff, his deputy, a renegade and some outlaws. Each of which have a unique role in the game. The Sheriff has to kill the outlaws and renegades, the deputy has to protect the sheriff and kill the outlaws and renegades, the renegade has to kill the sheriff but only until the outlaws and deputy are dead, and the outlaws role is simply to kill the sheriff. Confused? Don’t worry, it will all make sense when you play. The game ends once the Sheriff is dead or is the last remaining player.

So where does the strategy fit in? Well when you play the only player who’s identity you know at the start of the game: the sheriff. You don’t even know who your side kick deputy is. This is where it gets interesting. A renegade player may play as if he is the deputy as all other players must die before he can kill the sheriff. After playing numerous times when all out laws are dead and you have the deputy and renegade left its pretty much 50/50 who the deputy is. However, the outlaw can also throw in a spanner in the works, as if he just flat-out tries to kill the sheriff it’s going to be obvious that he’s a outlaw. He may try to disguise his identity by bluffing that he’s a deputy or renegade though. Whatever role you play, you must adopt a strategy so that you don’t give your identity away too easily.

The game is turn-based and you start off with cards and 5 lives in your hand. On the turn you play, you may draw 2 cards and play as many as you like. You may also only attack the player directly beside you. The card deck however has many different style of cards to use. Bang cards are your main ammunition to attack players with. No bang cards in your hand = no shooting. You also have miss cards that you use if a player tries to hit you with a bang card. Beer cards are for regaining a life and rifle cards can extend your shooting range so that you may attack players that are not directly beside you. My favourite is the dynamite card. It’s basically a pass the card round and if a player isn’t successful in passing it onto the next player, it goes off and you lose 3 lives.

There are several different other type of cards with unique attributes to help you in your mission. This might all seem daunting to the new player but the game comes with a tutorial mock-play that takes you through each of the turn processes and how the cards are played to give you the basics of how to play. I found this to be very useful.

The game has a single play option but comes into its own with multiplayer. You have to set up an account different to that of your Game centre account. It’s best played online as human players are more crafty than the built in AI players.

So what do I think? I love this game. It’s simple and basic-looking, but comes with some nice wee finishing touches like the sound effects as you play certain types of cards. Its definitely addictive too and worth the small price from the app store. As a biased lover of turn based card games I give this a…

8 shiny sherifs badges out of 10


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