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Should I be excited about… Defenders of Ardania?

Those nice fellows over at Paradox and Most Wanted gave us early access to their new tower defence game, Defenders of Ardania (the same Ardania as Majesty series). It’s not your average run of the mill tower defence however; you still have your base to defend from waves of monsters, but now you also have to attack an enemy base by recruiting your own waves of (for lack of a better term) monsters.

Creating your own waves have been done in several flash games such as Villanious, but the only game I’ve seen that mixes managing your resources to build towers and create units is the Warcraft 3 map mods such as Line Wars so I was interested to see how well it could be transferred into a complete game. The answer: amazingly well! Although the version I was playing was very early beta and still fairly buggy, the mechanics of the game were there and were a lot of fun to try and figure out the best ratio of attacking and defending, and the humour throughout the entire game was hilarious (made more so by the English voiceover being a Sean Connery sound-a-like).

There are 3 different factions to play: humans, demons and beasts (dragons and beastmen!) to play in the game, but unfortunately the game was too buggy for me to progress far enough to see if they were included and try them out. They also promise that there will be multiplayer games, with up to four players in a single game, or the option to add AI. I say promise as I didn’t get a chance to try it as we only got one key, I don’t doubt it’ll be included, and it will be awesome.

In short, currently the game was a bit too buggy for me to properly enjoy it but it has certainly whet my appetite. If you like tower defences or you’re just looking for a fairly easy going game with some great humour, this is definitely a game to keep an eye out for. I’ll be buying it on release day for sure!


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