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Disciples 3 – Resurrection Review (PC)

Disciples 3 – Resurrection Review (PC)

I started playing this game with no preconceptions of its quality. I tried to look up some details on it so I wasn’t totally blind but it turned out to be harder than I expected. This is due to Resurrection technically being Disciples 4. The first Disciples 3 game was called Renaissance where you played the usual humans and other friendly people, but in Resurrection you play the evil undead (Grr Argh etc) but it’s a standalone expansion, not an add-on like Frozen Throne was with Warcraft 3. Note: I think the coincidences between the two franchises are just that, although funnily enough Starcraft 2 was released around the same time as Disciples 3 and pretty much over shadowed it.

Anyway, enough rambling about conspiracies. I started up the game and was greeted by a cut scene of grayscale pictures with a narrator attempting to explain the story up to this point. There were a couple of problems I had with this:

  1. They seemed to assume you knew most of it already so when it started going on about place names and certain people I got lost and confused, which led to anger, which we all know leads to the Dark Side.
  2. The narrator’s voice reminded me of this guy (I would implore everyone to try to watch the entire Wizard People Dear Readers, it will change your life!) which is fine for a satirical retelling of a story, for a serious game opening sequence not so much.

The only good thing I could note about this opening is the quality of the drawings.

I start-up the Campaign game and I’m greeted by a rather long load scene of a static image and the narrator telling me yet more story line (I went and made a cup of tea instead). After it finally loaded the map the game does look rather pretty. Well, I say pretty, it’s all dead trees and corrupted land but it looks fairly detailed. Thinking I’m about to gain control of my character there is yet moooore storyline stuff to get through. It explains who I am, what my goals are on this level and somehow that takes what feels like an age. Ok, after all that I’m ready to play (finally), but how exactly…? There is absolutely no tutorial on how to play at the beginning, it drops you into the game and pretty much says “there you go, figure it out bitch”. It wasn’t until 30 minutes of me piddling about dying and losing patience with the game that  I found out there’s a wee question mark at the top which has some tutorial help in it, but they’re all long pre-recorded videos of a different race. By this point I’ll be damned if I’m sitting through more videos and narration so I struggle on without it.

Gameplay is based around a hexagonal level map filled with treasures and baddies which you have to awkwardly traverse. There is also an option to build up your city to make your army stronger, however it seemed to have little to no effect at all. You upgrade buildings by spending gold and stones which you find scattered around the map, and I was expecting them to boost my current troops or let me buy new ones but neither seemed to happen.  As mentioned earlier, you’re told there are several points you must reach and take control of to win the current stage of the game but as you can only move a very limited number of spaces each turn, and there’s short (yet still annoying) loading scenes before and after every fight it can take a while to do anything.

Fights take place when you are in a hexagon next to a baddie and declaring a thumb war. It then warps you to a scaled up version of the map, 6 rows of hexagons with your troops on the left side and a selection of things about to die on the right. However troops aren’t equal at all. You start out fighting a pack of wolves or two, then get jumped by high level human knights that can kill your squishies with one hit. The only saving grace I was the werewolf which was immune to all weapons, and took sod all damage from magic. At one point all the rest of my troops had died and I just ran around killing everything with a single werewolf. Bringing me to another point, it’s too sodding difficult to heal your troops. I couldn’t find a troop type that would heal during battle, and the only other choices were a player spell which used up a lot of magic and only seemed to heal your leader, or to spend upwards of 700 gold to heal a single unit.

There are better troop based RTS games, like Dawn of War 2 (never thought I’d use that game as a good example of something), and if you’re looking for building type RTS I’d go for Starcraft 2. Disciples 3 – Resurrection however gets a disappointing:

3 bored-to-tears out of 10



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  1. Joshua says
    06/12/2012, 3:34 PM

    Ive played alot of the disciples series, Number 2 was by far the best and i liked the idea of creating maps and things to suit your own experience. Anyway disciples 3 is pretty good although i find the lack of mountain clans annoying :p also the creature designs for the demons need to be on a larger scale the abyssal devil is so tiny the last one was a giant purple demon with a huge sword. Still love this game disciple 3 could have been better but it didnt fall to far short

  2. Bionico says
    12/28/2011, 2:15 PM

    After reading your review and seeing that fanatics with Blizzards are obviously not going to watch the game objectively, like many people (if not most) always look for similarities and “what was stolen” games such as Warcraft, Starcaft etc.

    The Discipples is an excellent game, was 1, 2 and 3 (both sagas). I tell you the load screen does not take much, and I would advise that you buy a video card like people to see game details.
    You have to have a little more open mind if you’ll have a page of reviews, or failing that, to think that you did not play the first 3 expancion to comment so bad in the game. It’s as if you were playing the last Splinter Cell saga, and it’s shit dijiera because the story assumes that you play the other sagas.
    The next time I would say try not to compare, it is very ugly and you’re more objective in your criticism, as many people looking for some information, this stuff is really coming from someone who has no idea of ??history the game and just dealt bad reviews.

    On the other hand I’ll give you one of advice, using a single-level group and upload it, otherwise, if you walk with scattered groups, you will never get anywhere. And do not worry so much about gold, gold serves here only to build, once you made ??it as far as you allow the map, has no value.


  3. wilson says
    11/24/2011, 4:31 PM

    Hi there, i was searching about tutorials of D3 and here i found your review. actually i was a newbie just like you but after a few trials and errors i managed to figure out what’s going on. i must agree with you about the lack of a proper tutorial for new comers but that shouldn’t be a big hindrance if they want to go further. to upgrade your units, first you must spend resources to build structure for each class of army, then recruit the basic unit that corresponds with your structure and put them under your hero or leader. your unit will be upgraded automatically after you acquired enough experiences.

    although the werewolf is quite strong and immune to all melee attacks but you don’t necessarily have to use it to finish the entire chapter, that would be very boring. back to the market inside your stronghold, there you can buy powerful summoning spells to aid your hero/leader in battles. i recommend “summon eternal guardian” not only it inflicts heavy damage up to 400 points on several targets but also can use its earthquake spell on all enemy units as well.

    thank you.

  4. Anonymous says
    10/31/2011, 4:03 PM

    No offence pal, i got your point.

    At first, I googled to see what people are thinking about this game. I couldn’t find much review actually until i saw yours. You are right about your opinions for a newcomer, but i find it unfair for these kind of games to be criticised by people before really trying to get into the game. Because mostly, people will buy or not buy the games by reading reviews.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents :)

  5. Profile photo of Aeacus
    Aeacus says
    10/31/2011, 3:34 PM

    You’re both right in that I’ve not played many recent RTSes, but this review was from a newbie perspective. You both sound like fans of the series so it’s very unlikely this review will change your opinion on the game, but for others new to the series will most likely run into the same problems I did. I’m sorry if the game is a lot deeper than my experience of it, but for someone just picking it up they are unlikely to find it before they give up too.

  6. Anonymous says
    10/31/2011, 3:26 PM

    I totally agree with you pal and want to add that the review is just too “shallow”. If you try to give comments about a game or a genre, you should have the background about it. But in this review i can only see a “noob” ok just say “newbie” who is trying to solve a game. Sorry but if you want to give comments, this effort was totally unacceptable and surely not enough for games which are complex and has depth like “TBS” games. I suggest you to play more to get into the game and understand the basics. Then you will see that the game has much more variety than killing the enemy with one werewolf.

    I also suggest you to play older disciples series and heroes of might and magic series (newly [might & magic heroes]) just to have an opinion about this genre.

  7. Unknown says
    10/28/2011, 3:20 PM

    I can understand that you people gave it a low rating. Disciples is and was always this kind of niche-Game (tough Disciples 2 from Strategy First was the best) and not many people like it (especially over in America, where Euro/Rus Strategy Games always had it’s difficulties [Anno… and probably any Strategy Paradox Title]). But suggesting Starcraft 2 as a “building type” RTS is laughable and shows you do not play many RTSes (Try Majesty or anything RTS from Paradox). Similar Game to Disciples, tough it’s really more hardcore is Elven Legacy which is also from Pdx.

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