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Deus Ex – Second Opinion

I’m really loving my time with Deus Ex at the moment. It brings back lots of memories of the original and a realization that, for me, there hasn’t been a game that has captured the similar style of gameplay. The ending(s) of the original Deus Ex were satisfying. I only hope this iteration is just as well handled.

Since Tom’s review was overwhelmingly positive and rightly so, I’ll have to post some negatives i’ve found while playing, as small and paltry as they are.

I do not like the AI. On the AI chart of mental prowess Deus Ex npc’s scrape the arse-end of the barrel. I do not like the quasi-rendered cutscenes. They detract from the gameplay often cutting in when they feel they need a cinematic moment. Unfortunately most of these moments are poorly judged and become jarring when control is ripped from your hand as you pass over an invisible line.

The art style is strange. While often impressive there are instances where I stare at akwardly flat textures, (the chopper) seemingly 8bit skies, (Detroit) and a cast of weirdly modelled NPC’s. (Throughout) I suspect the texture issues were down mainly to the size of each map.

My other ‘minor’ criticism, is that the games main theme of a societies segregation of people who are Augmented is thick throughout. Yet as deeply considered as this is, there are multiple points while playing that I wish more was done to show the difference some of these people actually can be, especially in every day situations. Entering the club in China you would expect the place to be incredibly loud like any other club in the world yet people stand 6 feet away from one another having perfect audible conversations. Maybe our hero could have directional mics. Otherwise how could you ne able to pick up conversations that any normal human could never hear over the dins of thumping bass. Your imagination can fill in exactly how this would sound and play out.

There are lots of examples throughout like this that I wished more was done. When I first saw a character being used as a proxy to hack a terminal, I thought I would be shown more.

I can feel Tom twitching like a mad man as he reads this. I can hear every single word and arguement already. So let me say again that this is a minor niggle for me and as further clarification. As I walked throughout the game I would see the conflict between people who were augmented and those who were not. The game is thick with it. I would have like to have seen more instances about why and how these people may actually be different rather than the majority, which is anecdotal evidence (read from countless tablets) pointing towards everyone being the same deep down (group hug)

I do agree with the score btw.


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