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Links of the Day 25th August 2011

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Fan made Half Life awesomeness

Fan made Portal awesomeness

In a post Rockband world, Ubisoft’s Rocksmith hopes to take over

I was really disappointed with the Space Marine demo. Combat was utterly mindless, involving none of the subtlety of recent brilliant combat systems like Arkham Asylum or Assassins Creed. It felt more like Dynasty Warrios, but without the visual spectacle of hundreds of enemies. Worse, the shooting was identical to Gears but without a cover systems so you end up shooting at Orks who are peeking over cover while you stand in the open getting shot – surely an inversion of how an Ork vs Space Marine conflict should go. Anyway, look at the video (or better yet play the demo) and decide for yourself.

The sad thing is I am a massive 40K fan. Maybe this will be good:

While we’re at it, hilarious 40K short films from the 90’s


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