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9mm Review (iPhone)

Our newest member Neomort reviews a John Woo inspired action game on iPhone/iPad

I was a huge fan of the old John Woo inspired Max Payne titles. I remember reveling in its fast paced, no holds barred gunfights that would set my pulse racing, and this memory still holds strong today, so the prospect of reviewing Gamelofts new iOS title ‘9mm’ without question got my gaming juices flowing …but would this game hold up to my expectations?

Surely you'd break an ass bone performing these manoeuvres

The story puts you in the shoes of the main protagonist John “loose” Kannon, an unorthodox narcotics cop who becomes the target of the local crime boss (El’ Diablo) for killing his brother during a bust.  Cue a whirlwind of fire fight’s against numerous gun-toting baddies as John not only tries to bring this kingpin to justice, but also protect his daughter and ex-wife who are now squarely in El Diablo’s sights.

The user is given the choice of two main games modes: a single-player campaign and a multiplayer game mode, which has a maximum of 12 players to a server in either a ‘free-for-all’ or ‘team deathmatch’. Surprisingly for this style of game, I found myself more immersed in the single-player campaign than in the multiplayer mode.  The multiplayer feature lacked any great depth and replay value, and just seemed a little ‘tacked on’ when compared to the well-polished single-player mode.

9mm also provides the user with two options when it comes to navigating John through the mean streets of LA’s gangland world.  The player can use the ‘swipe to aim’ system or the gyroscopes ‘tilt to look’ system.  Unfortunately neither control system quite hit the spot for me.

Barrels. That don't explode!

The swipe to aim system, while fairly intuitive to use, did lack a degree of precision with the user having to take multiple swipes at the screen to position their shots. The iPhone’s gyroscope feature on the other hand was a novel feature initially, but during intense firefights proved its downfall for me.  I liken the sensation to a hardcore PC gamer jumping to a console FPS for the first time …I was all over the place.

In the end, the ‘swipe to aim’ was my personal preference as I found it to be a lot more accurate and intuitive during intense ‘bullet-time’ moments when you get overrun by swarms enemies and bullets are flying.

Ultimately, 9mm is a lively and thoroughly enjoyable third-person shooter and will without question be a stand out title for iOS user’s this year.

8 hits out of 10


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