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Links of the day 12th May 2011

Links of the day 12th May 2011

Concurrence looks amazing, especially for all you Flashback fans!

“The Flight” looks cool, like Rez, but with your bullets coming out in time with the music:

I hate shitty viral marketing video….but they really put some work into this one:

New Silent Hill movie coming soon. I’m kinda looking forward to this….please don’t suck.



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  1. Profile photo of Tom
    Tom says
    05/16/2011, 3:26 PM

    Really? Wow, good spot. Yeah, hopefully the movies better than the trailer!

  2. Unknown says
    05/13/2011, 3:05 PM

    The Silent Hill 2 Trailer is a fake since everything shown in the Trailer is from the Movie “They”. I hope the SH2 Movie is going to be much better than “Tey” – because that movie sucked hard.

    Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0283632/

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