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3.61 Firmware Update: F**k you Sony!

Don’t I feel like a tit right about now.

During our recent podcast I didn’t exactly defend Sony’s handling of the hacking incident rather, I forgave them for it. I said that the vitriol aimed at them from gamers was generally quite excessive, especially considering it was developers that were hurting more than the consumer.

No, I said. I don’t care about free games and a free month’s subscription to a service I didn’t even know existed. I’m cool with you Sony just get your network back up and running so I can play online again. Thats all I want. These things happen, all is forgiven.

I should have been more god damn specific. I should have said that I would rather wait another month and be sure that what was being delivered into the guts of my PS3 was safe, secure and functioning. Instead I downloaded some fucking devil code that rapes my PS3 innards.

Sunday night I downloaded the 3.61 firmware update and after a few minutes playing some Super Streetfighter 4 my machine resets to a blinking red light. After resetting I try again. Five minutes into the game bam. Black screen, that horrible PS bleep and its flashing again. The next time I try and reset the PS3 it wouldn’t even start. It flashes once yellow and then a continious flashing of ominious red.

The dreaded YLOD.

What the Fuck Sony? It’s one thing to be the victim of a hacking attack where sympathy is due. Its another to bumble around in the dark trying to placate your customers into remaining patient. The whole time holding back critical information on the depth of your failure. Hell I can forgive that as well.

Its completely another thing to turn my PS3 into a useless black lump under my TV. That I cannot fucking forgive.

Thats a lot of games and many many blu-rays that are all completely useless now. I guess my local Game store will be recieving a lot of trade ins tomorrow.

As a gamer I am fucking furious. As a consumer I can avow that I will never pay to have my PS3 replaced nor will I buy any other piece of shite with the Sony brand logo attached. I am no Microsoft fanboy, the other site members can attest to that, but I find it staggering that Sony can make Microsoft look so appealling. Its fucking ironic that Sony themselves have been far more successful in making the 360 more attractive to me than any ad campaign Microsoft have conjured over the years.

That is when you know you have failed when your own actions and customer support have driven long loyal customers to your competitor.

Fuck you Sony!


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