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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Launch Event

I’m fairly new to the beat-em up scene. I was a massive Streetfighter 2 fan and bought many of the titles over the years. Sometime around Alpha 3 I stopped buying and playing the games. There was no internet to speak of and Scotland’s arcade scene was non-existent. Having people to play was singly dependent on friends and family. So my love of the franchise and beat-em ups in general vanished.

And then Streetfighter 4 was released and with the internet came thousands of players. My love for the thrill and challenge of good old fashioned one vs one, skill vs skill came back with a vengeance. So now I follow the live streams, read the forums and generally hang around the whole online community. I watched with great interest the launch parties and general buzz surrounding the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3. So when I heard that a launch party was being held in Scotland and in a bar no less. I had to be there.

I apologise in advance for the shitty iPhone camera… It’s… well shitty.

Beat-em up fans and fire hazard all in one

There were around fifty beat-em up fans crammed into that bar. Having never been to anything like this I was excited and a little unsure of what to expect. What I found when I got there were fifty really cool people all willing to play games, talk shit and have a great laugh.

The event was run by versus-scotland and other than a few small hiccups was expertly managed. Controlling the attention span of shoryuken spammers is hard enough but doing so in a bar was an extraordinary feat. The event truly kicked off when the MvC3 tournament started. Fifty gamers suddenly delved into their packs to produce their fight sticks… That is not an euphemism. The care and attention these guys put into their sticks to brand them with their identity. One guys button’s lit up as he pressed them. Another had custom decals expertly fashioned into the casing. They were like a golfers clubs, a boxers gloves, a swimmers trunks and silly hat. They were more an extension of themselves than mere wood and metal. My mere madcatz stick felt woefully inadequate.

Lots of happy gamers

Once all the preliminary fights had been concluded and yours truly had his ass kicked everyone crowded round a huge flat screen for the semi finals and it was exhilarating to watch. A lot of the people there knew one another and they took turns cheering and jeering one another to victory and defeat. When a player using Captain America pulled of one of his insane combos the commentator bellowed into the microphone “AMERICA” without a pause the entire bar erupted with “FUCK YEAH!”

When the final came around it was an awesome spectacle. It was obvious that both players had a lot of experience with the game and their match was extremely close. Without even knowing these people I was choosing a favourite and cheering for him.

My experiences of MvC3 are that it looks to be a lot of fun, and that it has enough depth to appeal to the hardcore and the accessibility that the more casual players enjoy. I don’t think it will replace my stern addiction to Super Streetfighter 4, but it is definitely a game that shouldn’t be overlooked. It looks absolutely gorgeous and runs like silk.

I should note that when they announced that a streetfighter tournament was to be held after the MvC3 tournament a different air filled the bar. Jokes and laughter gave way to concentration and whispers about strategies and who played what character it was obvious that for many people this was the main reason that they came to the event. I couldn’t help but wonder if in two years’ time it will be the same for MvC3.

It was a great night and yet another affirmation that competitive gaming should be more mainstream.

Oh yeah and later that night Ken and Chun Li joined us. There was something weird about watching Ken order a pint at the bar. Weird but magical ;p

You just know the guy in the background is bummed he didnt have the nerve to come as Blanka like he wanted to.

Anyone interested in a SSF4 match up can send me an invite on PSN. Play safe.


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