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Greg Miller’s terrible IGN review of Dead Space 2

GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist - please contact your webhost and ask them to install the GD library Greg Miller’s terrible IGN review of Dead Space 2

As a site that spends much of its time critiquing games journalism I can’t believe I missed this.

I’m not going to critique Greg’s writing. In some ways there’s no need to. Anyone literate, (heck, anyone who can read) can see how poorly written it is. Instead, here’s a timeline of how the whole thing went down.

First off, here’s the original awful, awful review

From here Reddit (and others) went into overdrive, ridiculing Miller’s writing style.

Miller responded on his blog somewhat obliviously. In doing this he made two mistakes. First of all, he somehow was unaware of the existence of social bookmarking sites in general and Reddit in particular despite their relevance to IGN, gaming and the internet as a whole. Secondly, he goaded Reddit into a response, claiming their criticism had not been clear enough. What followed was epic.

The first response went like this, a critique on Caustic enough, but what was to follow would be infinitely worse for Miller

With unbelievable attention to detail, a literate and somewhat curmudgeonly individual went through the whole review and critiqued every aspect, then highlighted the errors in bright, red, fuck-you comments. A victory then for those who demand better quality in writing when it comes to our beloved hobby.



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  1. 08/21/2015, 11:53 PM

    […] *This review is actually not real, sort of. […]

  2. Profile photo of Tom
    Tom says
    04/09/2014, 9:31 AM

    Oh man. So funny. So so funny. Good work LessThanFrank. :)

  3. lessthanfrank says
    04/08/2014, 6:48 PM

    your critiques are unfounded, superimposing your writing style on to the author. that really irritates me. it’s clucks like you that hold english down into the sand while it suffocates on convention. the writing quality isn’t amazing, but neither is anything else on ign. you could have done this to any article on ign, because as stated, they’re all written to be very easily understood. they don’t expect a lot of their audience. I don’t understand what you expected. this article misses the whole point of ign and presents an offensive stance that only an english teacher could dream up.

    yes, ign writes down to their audience and produces absolute drivel. however, I find this awful display of proofreading more offensive, and I say: lay off your terrible conventions you piecemeal hack of an intellectual. writing isn’t engineering; there is no right way to write. quite honestly, your revisions of his original work are just as much lacking in context as the article. I can’t tell at all what your problems are with more than half of the circled sections besides, “it’s bad because I said so.” these implications are so arrogant, egoist, and self-centered that its driven me to my own self-righteousness.

    fuck your rules and structure; writers have their own personalities to express, whatever they may be; long live the run-on sentence. jazz should be our inspiration, not baroque: masters of their craft that destroy as they see fit. prose can be poetry – diffuse and sublimate style and function – appeal to the sense and the logos – situate anapestic beauty. static writing is the real bore and those who propagate it would have been better off in a cubical.

  4. Frank says
    01/15/2013, 11:59 PM

    You’re missing the point completely. Greg Miller is paid to write, and yet I’ve seen GCSE Eng Lang students write with more flair and √©lan than he does, and certainly a greater understanding of the English language than he has. Drivel articles like that above do nothing to dispel the idea that games journalism is an unworthy pursuit compared to other branches of cultural journalism. Miller ought to be ashamed of himself for writing such nonsense, but the ‘editors’ (and I use that term loosely) of IGN shoulder, if anything, more of the blame for allowing such utter utter rubbish to be published.

    If being hot on grammar makes you a Nazi, then I’m Hitler. Without rules or structure how can anyone be expected to learn and maintain the language? Or shall we wave the white flag now and start speaking Chinese or Hindi?

  5. Will Krantz says
    08/25/2012, 3:15 AM

    Alright. While the original writer had some valid points, it’s amazing that the person editing this has nothing better to do with his time than blatantly bash someone’s writing. What a fucking grammar Nazi. Secondly, Dead Space 2 is shit. It’s a complete rehash of the first game with improved graphics and several decent heart-clenching moments that descend into cheap thrills and some of the most boring, cookie cutter hallways filled with gauntlets of enemies I’ve ever seen. But at the height of the action in the first part of the game (the train and giant alien shown in the trailer), it suddenly goes downhill inexplicably. You’re introduced to one of the most boring females in gaming, which then leads to a series of missions where you explore hallways (now decorated with colorful banners and balloons, oh joy), while experiencing the same dull, frustrating combat from the first game, now complete with cheap kills and the worst pacing I’ve seen in recent gaming. Since when can developers get away with this cheap substitution of plot (the Marker induces hallucinations triggered by psychological trauma), and the ridiculous amount of false advertising and teasing cityscapes that we never get to explore? The game basically screams: “Look at our beautiful skyboxes and the scope of the Sprawl.” But still, we’re crammed into corridors and occasionally allowed a zero-gravity excursion into (big shocker) more corridors, with the only decent part of the game coming in the form of realigning a solar array panel while silhouetted by celestial eye candy. It would have been nice to explore more of the Sprawl from the outside, and have a decent zero gravity boss fight. While it makes some major improvements over the first game, only the young or easily amused will find Dead Space 2 any better than the original outing. Oh, and just as a side note, the number of bosses in Dead Space 2 is pathetic. What a waste of serious potential.

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