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We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 2: The Revenge of Eve Online

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It took longer than we thought, but here is Episode 2 of the podcast. In this edition, as well as the usual news and updates we discuss Eve Online at length. Comments and feedback are welcomed! Look out for a halloween episode soon!



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  1. Matt says
    10/31/2010, 5:59 PM

    I would love to join a corp with Ealiom. That would be awesome. Even though I’ve played a lot of EVE Online I’ve never done PvP. Thats probably why I’ve gotten so bored. There is only so much Mining and Mission running you can to before it starts to drive you crazy. If his corp is looking for a new member my characters name in EVE is Kortne. Yes a girl. I don’t know why I went as a girl, And now Im stuck with it. Oh well.
    He can just send a message there. Or not, its up to him. Well anywho, I see your new podcast is up. Think i give it a listen.

  2. Profile photo of Tom
    Tom says
    10/28/2010, 9:32 AM

    Hey Matt,

    Not too close to Dumfries, but not a million miles away. My other half is from Canada, she loves it there.

    I reckon once Ealiom spots this he’ll try to recruit you for his corp if you’re interested :)

    Thanks for the kind words, new podcast up by the end of this week, halloween themed!

  3. Matt says
    10/28/2010, 5:02 AM

    Your Scottish? Awesome! I live in Canada but I have a bunch of friends in Scotland. Do you live near Dumfries? Anywho, Great Podcast. You guys sound like you’re having a lot fun.

    Man, I wish I could have that much fun in EVE. Funny, just this afternoon I said screw it and Uninstalled EVE. Now I want to go back. I’ve played about 300 hrs of EVE and I’ve never joined a corp. I probably should. Well, Anywho. Good job on the podcast looking forward to more.

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