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Top 5 iPhone Games

I’m off camping this weekend, so my gaming will all be of the mobile variety. At one time that would have meant lugging the chunky DS with me, but these days I seem to get most of my mobile gaming from the Iphone. Heres the top 5 games that give me my mobile gaming fix.

  1. Espgaluda 2 – proper Shmup bullet-hell nonsense
  2. Kil.A.Ton – classic tanks game with powerups and online play
  3. Plants vs Zombies – an obvious one, but oh-so satisfying
  4. Beneath a Steal Sky – fiddly interface, but a classic point-and-click
  5. Denki Blocks! – random exclamation points aside, a great puzzler from the Dundee company

And for developers, heres a handy link to some tips for making money out of developping games for the Iphone/Ipod.

Make iphone games, make money


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  1. tinagrace says
    10/11/2011, 8:08 AM

    Really love the games you have mentioned. Angry birds would remain my all time favourite one.Check this game too. Really amzing one.Its called Apple Life.

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